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Horror Crash At British Formula 2 Grand Prix With One Car Landing On Top Of Another

Horror Crash At British Formula 2 Grand Prix With One Car Landing On Top Of Another

Many people are now praising the halo safety device, saying it saved Roy Nissany's life

Two Formula 2 drivers had a scarily close call after being involved in a serious crash at Silverstone today (Sunday 3 July), having thankfully been saved by the halo safety device

After Roy Nissany and Dennis Hauger’s cars briefly made contact as each attempted to get ahead, Hauger was forced off the track with a puncture to the right tyre. 

In turn, his car was sent skidding and flew over the sausage kerb, speeding towards Israeli driver Nissany. 

Unable to bring his vehicle under control, the Norwegian star landed on top of Nissany and the two ground to a halt in the gravel.

Amazingly, however, both drivers were uninjured in the incident, with Formula 2 later confirming that they had been able to walk away from the ‘scary incident’. 

Tweeting footage from the race, the official Formula 2 account said: “Nissany and Hauger make contact, with Hauger going airborne over the kerb Thankfully both drivers are out of their cars under their own power. 

“Continually thankful and grateful for the advances in safety in our sport. Both drivers walked away under their own power.” 

In the wake of the crash, many people within the industry have hailed the halo, a protective device used in racing that features a curved titanium bar around the driver’s head. 

British racing driver Abbie Eaton tweeted: "When will people learn? We need to use a safer way to control track limits. The halo has been one of the best safety systems to be introduced, let's move forward with track limit policing too. Don't wait until someone is killed." 

Motorsport journalist Will Buxton agreed: "Stupid sausage kerb creating a horrible accident in F2. The halo saving the day once again. Sickening accident. . Very glad to see @RoyNissany walk away from that one." 

F1 commentator Tom Gaymor also wrote: "Thank goodness for the Halo, unequivocally the saviour yet again." 

While journalist Chris Medland added: "The Halo absolutely saved Nissany's life. 100%." 

Since 2018, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has made the halo mandatory in every vehicle in Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula 4, Formula Regional and Formula E. 

Lewis Hamilton credited the device for saving him after he was involved in an equally dicey crash last year at the Italian Grand Prix, when Max Verstappen’s car went out of control and flew into his rival’s path. 

Hamilton said afterwards: "I feel very, very fortunate today. Thank God for the Halo which saved me, and saved my neck." 

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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