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Jake Paul and Nate Diaz take part in the weirdest face-off you will ever see

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz take part in the weirdest face-off you will ever see

Yeah, that was an odd one even by Jake Paul's usual standards.

Jake Paul has come head-to-head with American fighter Nate Diaz as they gear up to their blockbuster clash in Dallas, with the press conference turning into a rather intense showdown.

Both fighters were baying for blood at the first first pre-fight press conference ahead of their August 5 clash.

But the meeting of two rivals had a rather odd breakthrough moment for fans, as Paul slapped his 38-year-old opponent on the arm.

Then he did it again, with the face-off briefly turning into a bizarre slap fight.

And no, we don't mean slaps like the bonkers slap fight competition circuit.

We mean the type of slap fight when you and your brother smack the bejeezus out of each other in the back seat in hour three of your family road trip, with mum already over it by that point and dad exclaiming: "That's it! Back to Winnipeg!"

The weird, childish slap fight bout lasted only a few moments before Diaz stepped back, apparently deciding to be the more mature older brother in this scenario while Paul continued to face down in a stance that screamed when my brother used to tell me to 'stop hitting myself' when he would use my own hands as weapons against me.

You know what I mean, typical sibling nonsense.

'The Problem Child' is entering his fight against the former UFC superstar off the back of a loss, having suffered the first defeat of his career against Tommy Fury back in February.

As for the Stockton slugger, he'll make his boxing debut when he clashes with the YouTuber-turned-boxer. He left the UFC following his submission victory over Tony Ferguson last September.

Speaking at a press conference, Paul said as per the Mirror: "Nate Diaz was always the plan after Tommy."

"Let's settle the s**t talk and I'm ready for war, I'm excited to be here - I'm going to do what Conor McGregor couldn't do and I'm going to knock this man out."

Oof, them be fightin' words. But Paul wasn't done.

"He's leaving the UFC on a win and he wants to come into this game, make a bunch of money, knock out the YouTuber kid and go back and finish his legacy off," Paul said.

Paul and Fury prior to their showdown.

"That's why this is such an amazing fight. But I just lost so if I lose again where does that leave me? So it's two people who can't lose, don't want to lose, who never back down, keep on fighting and that's why this is war."

Paul went on to add he is filled with 'vengeance, ambition, [and] hunger' in the wake of his loss to Tommy Fury on February 26.

But it wasn't just Paul who was feeling chatty at the pre-fight presser.

"I was glad I had a worthy opponent to make an attack on so it seems I've got it," the MMA fighter said.

He went on to add that Paul's long awaited grudge fight against Tommy Fury 'wasn't a big deal', and added jokingly: "I don't even know who won or lost."

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