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Jake Paul has cap taken off head by teenage fan in 'payback' to Floyd Mayweather stunt

Jake Paul has cap taken off head by teenage fan in 'payback' to Floyd Mayweather stunt

Jake Paul was at a press conference for his fight against Anderson Silva when the young fan stole his cap

Jake Paul had his baseball cap stolen straight off his head by a cheeky fan as a response to what the YouTuber-turned-boxer did to Floyd Mayweather a while back. Luckily, he took it in stride, as you can see from the video below:

Paul is preparing to fight former UFC star Anderson Silva at the Gila River Arena in Arizona on October 29, and was attending a press conference to promote that fight at the time his hat was stolen.

The culprit on this occasion was a 13-year-old amateur boxer who was invited on the stage to meet up with both fighters.

King David Garcia – great name – was brought onto the stage with his brother, eight-year-old Adonis, after he wrote a letter to Most Valuable Promotions and Showtime to ask if he could meet Jake Paul.

It turns out he had more planned.

Announcer Chael Sonnen brought the two kids on stage, saying: "This fan, he started boxing at the age of four, he is now 13.

“He has had 75 amateur boxing matches and has aspirations of representing this country in the Olympic games.

"He and his six-year-old brother have been following Jake Paul for ages and I don't think they were expecting this stage."

As the two came on stage, Garcia was anything but starstruck.

Paul was shocked as his hat was removed.
Showtime Boxing

He shook hands with Paul, then quickly snaffled the cap off his head, presumably saying something like 'gotcha hat!'

Paul laughed it off, before realising that he’d been done with his own trick.

You might remember that back when Jake’s brother Logan was set to fight the former world champion Mayweather, Jake grabbed Mayweather’s cap from his head and sparked a scuffle.

While Garcia got away with a laugh and a hug, Mayweather and his team went apes**t and started swinging punches.

Jake Paul wasn’t even fighting at that event, but ended up wearing one of the punches.

After that incident, he tweeted: "I stole his hat because he steals people's money with his boring ass fights.

“Honestly I have only had three easy fights as a professional so have been itching for some real action.

“One of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye RESPECT!!"

The pair shared a hug afterwards.
Showtime Boxing

Despite getting whacked, Paul later released a line of merchandise bearing the slogan ‘GOTCHA HAT!’ and increased his profile within the boxing world considerably.

He later attempted to do a similar thing to opponent Tyron Woodley, but that time it didn’t come off.

Still, Paul remains unbeaten in his career to date and, despite not facing any actual career boxers so far, he’s certainly making waves within the fight business.

Featured Image Credit: ESPN

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