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Jake Paul Mocks Tommy Fury For Fighting In Front Of 'Empty' Stadium

Jake Paul Mocks Tommy Fury For Fighting In Front Of 'Empty' Stadium

Tommy had some strong words for Jake after his win but the YouTuber was more interested in how many people were watching

Jake Paul fired shots at Tommy Fury following his win against Daniel Bocianski, mocking him for fighting to an 'empty' Wembley Stadium.

Tommy enjoyed a victory on the undercard for his big bro Tyson Fury's anticipated face-off against Dillian Whyte tonight (23 April).

But while the 22-year-old boxer had some strong words for Jake in his post-fight interview, the YouTuber seemed more preoccupied with how many people were watching.

Jake retweeted a message from journalist Ariel Helwani, who asked him what he thought of Tommy's victory.

Check out Jake's response: "Congrats on beating a 10-1 fighter. But that stadium was empty. When I fight the stadium is full. When Tommy fights no one gives a f**k. And that’s in his home country.

"Let’s see how Anderson Silva’s event does."

Tommy was set to fight the American influencer last December before he pulled out of the bout with a broken rib and a chest infection.

Jake wasn’t too happy about the news, and the pair continued their war of words on social media.

The former Love Island star had some strong words for Jake tonight, telling him to 'sign the contract' and agree for the match to go ahead.

"This should have been a long time ago in December," he told BT Sport.

"If you want it I'm here and ready for you and I will cut you and chop you to bits like I did in there.

"Get the contract signed you bum! Let's get it done once and for all!" 

The December 2021 fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury was cancelled.

Whether this means they'll reschedule the bout is yet to be seen, but this latest spat will at least reignite talks of one going ahead in the months to come.

Back in December, Jake turned his attention towards Tommy's father, 57-year-old John Fury – and let's just say, he didn't hold back.

"You are a cringe old man. He's an old, miserable man who never accomplished anything in his life," the influencer told talkSPORT.

"He has a mediocre boxing record and the best thing he ever did was have sex with Tyson's mum to spawn Tyson.

"That's his only accomplishment - having a giant kid who became heavyweight champion of the world.

"I would fight John Fury, for sure. I think it would be hilarious. I was hoping he would have punched the TV.

Tyson Fury with his baby bro Tommy.

"If he would have done it, man that would have been the most legendary press conference moments ever. He's kind of a p***y for not.

"I would fight him. I would fight the whole family. If Tyson moves down to cruiserweight I would fight Tyson no problem."

While this was clearly just fighting talk, Jake did lock in a rematch against Woodley as a replacement, and went on to beat the former UFC welterweight champion and extend his professional record to 5-0.

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