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Jake Paul rips into Tommy Fury for ‘disrespecting’ biggest names in boxing

Jake Paul rips into Tommy Fury for ‘disrespecting’ biggest names in boxing

The saga continues...

Jake Paul has, once again, called out Tommy Fury ahead of their long-awaited fight this February.

The YouTube star has been doing well to get under Tommy's skin and creating a huge buzz among fans in the build up to the fight.

This time around, Jake, 26, is ripping into Tommy, 23, for being 'disrespectful' to some of the biggest names in boxing by not taking their fight seriously.

These two will finally get in the ring on 26 February.  PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo
These two will finally get in the ring on 26 February. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Jake appeared this Wednesday (8 February) at a press conference in Saudi Arabia ahead of the fight on 26 February and absolutely tore pieces out of Tommy for not showing up.

Tommy, who's still currently in the UK, was never billed to appear in this week's press conference but, nonetheless, Jake was fuming.

When asked about Tommy's decision not to show up, Jake said he was 'used to his behaviour at this point', describing the Love Island finalist as 'unprofessional', a 'flake', and not a serious businessman or a serious fighter.

Jake continued: "He's gonna have to pay for all the times he pulled out, all the business people he screwed over. It's disrespectful.

"There are some of the biggest names in boxing, some of the biggest promoters in the world, some of the most influential people in the world, one of the greatest countries in the world, and he doesn't want to show up 'cause a 'private matter' -- cool. We all have private matters."

Jake Paul has called out Tommy Fury for being 'disrespectful'.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

The Problem Child continued: "When you sign up to do something and you make a commitment, that's what it should be about. And it just shows me that he's scared.

"He said he didn't even need to train for this fight... but meanwhile, his excuse first was that he had to train extra for this fight, and now apparently it's a private matter."

Jake added that this sort of behaviour was 'typical Fury stuff', before clarifying: "I love Tyson, but I'm saying the dad [John Fury] and Tommy, it's typical from them."

Jake is beyond losing his patience at this point, with this upcoming fight set to go ahead after two reschedules.

Jake Paul is determined to get Tommy in the ring one way or another.
Instagram/Jake Paul

Tommy and Jake's first fight was originally due to go ahead back in December 2021, but Fury pulled out due to an injury.

He was then forced to pull out of their August 2022 fight after he was denied access to the United States.

Both Jake and Tommy are unbeaten in their fight careers, and are determined to 'end' each other when they finally do come head-to-head.

Featured Image Credit: TMZ Sports / PA Images / Alamy

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