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John Fury slams reporter who asks about Jake Paul and Tommy Fury's 'all-or-nothing contract'

John Fury slams reporter who asks about Jake Paul and Tommy Fury's 'all-or-nothing contract'

He wasn't best pleased with their questions...

Tommy Fury's father 'Big John' Fury wasn't too impressed when a reporter questioned him about the 'all-or-nothing' deal he'd agreed against YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul on behalf of his son.

When the reporter asked John about the contract, he gave a less than pleased response of: "Let's talk about boxing. That's what we're here to do, box."

Paul's brother and fellow online personality Logan Paul can be seen jumping up in the background over John's shoulder, sporting a wide-mouthed expression that slowly turns into a grin as he shakes his head in disbelief.

The reporter responds with: "It certainly is boxing. It certainly is a deal about boxing," to which John dismisses by saying: "I'm concentrating," before gesturing with his arm for the reporter to go away.

The camera then cuts to another scene a few moments later. Eager to get his answer, the reporter prompts John again, asking: "Before you leave, John, just about that contract - just to be clear..." to which John interjects with a rather rude and unexpected response.

"Why don't you shut up?" replied the pro-boxers father in a pretty hostile manner, before slating the reporter by telling him to 'listen, video boy' and calling him a 'little nobody'.

'Big John' Fury wasn't willing to answer the questions the reporter had about the new deal.

Not phased by Fury senior's response, the reporter tries to ask again but gets cut off by his manager who steps between John and the cameraman, obscuring the view.

The reporter adds that he's just 'curious' before being told to 'go away' by Fury's manager.

The video then cuts off, but not before Logan gets the chance to hilariously pop up and say: "I'm curious, too."

The fight comes after almost two years of setbacks, after Fury put off the original December 2021 match due to medical reasons, and then again in August 2022 due to visa issues prohibiting him from getting to the US.

However, the setbacks didn't knock Fury's confidence and after coming across as fiery, Jake Paul attempted to teach him a lesson by offering double the prize money to his opponent if he won. A deal which is yet to be confirmed to be true or just a spur of the moment agreement.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@betr

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