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Tommy Fury Vs Jake Paul Fight Has Been Cancelled

Tommy Fury Vs Jake Paul Fight Has Been Cancelled

The pair have been trading verbal blows for ages, but now the fight we've been waiting for has been called off

Tommy Fury's fight against Jake Paul has been cancelled.

The pair have been embroiled in a verbal feud for months and were due to settle their dispute in Tampa, Florida, on 18 December, but Fury has had to pull out because of a 'medical condition'.

Paul has now announced that Tyron Woodley will be taking Fury's place in a rematch.

Promoter Frank Warren admitted two weeks ago that Fury had been suffering from a cold during his preparations.

He told iFL TV: "Tommy had a little bit of a cold but hopefully he is going to be okay.

"We are up in Morecambe [on Wednesday] so hopefully we will know more then, but he is up for it and he wants to fight.

"He can't wait for the fight and I know certainly from Jake's perspective he can't wait for the fight."

The 22-year-old has been training in Morecambe with brother Tyson and father John, with the latter making headlines following a few outrageous comments during a press conference last month.

Fury told LADbible back in September that he'd 'definitely' knock out YouTuber Paul.

He said: "It will definitely be a stoppage win for me.

"A lot of people were saying after my last fight that I should have stopped that guy, but - don't forget - that was a four-round fight.

"If that had been a six-round or an eight-round fight, that guy would have been out of there.

"If me and [Jake] Paul do fight, it's going to be an eight-rounder, or even a 10-rounder, whatever he wants to do.

"I know for a fact, he can't do the eight very well.

"He spent at least three of the rounds, possibly four of the rounds, walking around the ring not throwing a punch, Tyron Woodley the same.

"The two of them probably threw 500 punches in the entire fight. They weren't very active.

"I would be forceful in that fight, putting him on the back foot, purely and simply because he's not been doing it for long enough."

Fury has pulled out of his fight with Paul.

He continued: "It's not about his ability, skill-wise, he just wouldn't know what to do when he's hit and hurt.

"You saw in the Tyron Woodley fight, he got hit and hurt, fell into the ropes and didn't know what to do.

"That's just through experience.

"I'm not talking as if I'm a 20-year veteran here, but I know what to do in those situations because I've been doing it my whole life.

"There's a difference between doing it for your whole life and doing it for two years."

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