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Man Charged After Being Caught Urinating From On Top Of Stadium

Man Charged After Being Caught Urinating From On Top Of Stadium

"When you gotta go, you gotta go"

A man in Australia has been charged after he was caught taking a leak off the top of a sports stadium in Sydney. Check it out:

Viral footage shared on social media shows the man casually chilling on the roof of the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday night (16 July).

As England faced off against the Wallabies in the third Rugby Test of the summer series, this particular audience member clearly didn't want to miss a moment of the action.

While sat on the top of the Bill O'Reilly Stand, he appears to urinate in the direction of the big screen during the second half of the match.

9News reports that the 31-year-old has since been arrested and was taken to Surry Hills Police Station and slapped with two charges.

A NSW Police spokesperson told the outlet: "About 9.20pm, Saturday 16 July, a man was at a sporting stadium at Moore Park when he allegedly climbed onto the top of a scoreboard within the stadium, and onto the roof of a spectator's stand.

Here's hoping there were no gaps in the roof.

"Officers attached to Surry Hills Police Area Command and the Police Rescue attended and safely removed the man a short time later, before he was arrested."

They added that he was charged with 'behaving in [an] offensive manner in/near public place and climbing on buildings on scheduled lands without approval'.

He's since been granted conditional bail and is set to appear in court on 25 July where his fate will be decided by a judge.

A number of clips have emerged showing the unusual moment, with one shared by Instagram page Brown Cardigan receiving nearly 31,000 likes at the time of writing.

Alongside the video, the account wrote: "Trouble finding your seat mate?"

Hundreds of people have flocked to the comments section, with one writing: "The things you do to find a bit of reception."

Another joked: "I’d be pissing all over myself if I tried the over the top method in jeans…#TrackiesAreEasier."

The 31-year-old man has since been charged.

A third who tagged their mate added: "When you gotta go, you gotta go," while a fourth said: "Something I’d do if they kicked me out of the footy."

Rooftop pee breaks aside, England came out victorious during the deciding International Test match series against the Australia Wallabies.

According to AP, the game marked the first time the Sydney Cricket Ground hosted a rugby test since 1986 - and no doubt it'll be the last in a while after last night's shenanigans.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@browncardigan

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