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Woman reaches top 0.4 percent on OnlyFans after allowing followers to make 'every decision' in her life

Woman reaches top 0.4 percent on OnlyFans after allowing followers to make 'every decision' in her life

Her fans ruled that she should leave her partner and quit her internship - and she has no plans to take back control of her life.

A woman has reached the top 0.4 percent on OnlyFans after handing control of her life over to her subscribers.

Student Laurie, from France, joined the site a few weeks ago, like many before her - but rather than just post saucy pics and videos, she decided to deploy 'a concept never seen before on this platform'.

That concept was simple.

"I let the fans control my whole life," the 23-year-old told LADbible. "Every decision of my life, important or not. They will have control."

It's certainly an interesting - albeit terrifying - idea. And unsurprisingly, she has made some pretty radical decisions since handing over the keys to her life, such as leaving her partner and quitting her internship.

Laurie has put her fans in control.
lauriefvr / Instagram

So, how exactly does it work?

The Parisian - aka Live with Laurie - has been posting polls on Telegram, which anyone can vote on freely, before posting the results on her OnlyFans page.

The polls could cover anything from what she should have for lunch, to whether she should gamble all of her earnings at the casino.

Subscribers can also suggest poll ideas.

Of course, while this is undeniably an intriguing social experiment, there's good reason why we're taught not to trust strangers, so Laurie has a few guidelines in place.

Laurie does have a few rules.
lauriefvr / Instagram

"I will not accept a poll which could put me in danger, harm someone, or be hateful," she explained.

"I have no regrets, I don't know yet where this experience will lead. I'll leave it up to the fans to choose the next polls. I'm excited to see where it all goes.

"The poll online right now is whether I should give $100 (£86) to a fan."

Well, I'm pretty sure which way that poll is gonna go.

Laurie's subscribers are also able to message her directly, and she said this was a big motivation behind the concept - a mutual sharing of lives.

Laurie is excited to see where the experiment takes her.
lauriefvr / Instagram

"I know it's hard to really create meaningful relationships through social media," she said.

"I do my best to communicate my energy and positivity through my posts. And even if it's not possible to change how social media works, I try to create on my own scale an OnlyFans account where people really matter.

"I'm not trying to change the world. I'm not even trying to fight a social battle.

"I'm just trying to create a small community of people willing to share their lives with me. And talk with me."

She added: "I understand that some people can't understand that. And I don't want to try to convince them. What really matters to me is that the subscribers on my account are happy."

Featured Image Credit: lauriefvr / Instagram

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