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Update shared on basketball mascot after Conor McGregor punch left him hospitalised

Update shared on basketball mascot after Conor McGregor punch left him hospitalised

The mascot was punched by Conor McGregor as part of a promotional stunt

An update has been given on the basketball mascot who ended up in hospital after being punched twice by Conor McGregor.

MMA fighter McGregor had set upon the mascot during a promotional stunt at Game Four on Friday night last week (9 June), which saw Miami Heat take on the Denver Nuggets.

During the game, the crowd's attention was diverted after the MMA fighter walked onto the court and proceeded to square up to Burnie, the mascot for Heat.

The pair danced around for a bit before McGregor landed a blow, knocking the mascot to the ground, and then one further blow on the floor.

He then proceeded to spray a new 'cryotherapy pain relief' spray over the mascot as a promotion.

While it may have been staged, the punches seemed to have been a bit too real as the mascot had to be dragged off the court and taken to hospital following the incident.

There he had received some brief treatment and pain medication.

But despite being hospitalised, the mascot is reportedly ready to cheer on their team for the next game... if they're needed, that is!

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said: “That’s the Miami Heat toughness that we’re talking about.

Burnie is apparently ready to go for the next game.

"He should have been allowed to take the first swing. We won’t reveal who that is, but yeah, he can take a punch and get back up. He’s not going to miss any time.”

Despite the 'fight' not actually being real, fans were unimpressed by how seriously McGregor appeared to take the confrontation.

One said on TikTok: "Bro it's a set-up you shouldn't take it so seriously."

Another posted: "Yo he didn't need to take it that seriously."

McGregor has been out of action since 2021 after the fighter broke his tibia during a rematch against Dustin Poirier. He has had one KO since 2016, and has fought in the UFC four times since that.

His next fight will be against Micheal Chandler.

Conor McGregor did the stunt to promote a pain relief spray.

The match saw the Nuggets beat the Miami Heat 108-95, giving them a 3-1 series lead. Monday night will see them host the Heat in Game Five, and if Miami win then Game Six will be hosted in Florida on Thursday night.

McGregor is reportedly worth almost £1 billion, with his own estimate putting it at around £650 million in all.

This has previously put him at number 33 on a list of the highest paid athletes of all time.

Still, he has a way to go equal Roman chariot racer Gaius Appuleius Diocles, who was paid the equivalent of around $15 billion over his 24 year career.

Featured Image Credit: ESPN

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