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What Is Mikel Arteta’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Mikel Arteta’s Net Worth In 2022?

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has had an incredible career both on and off the pitch, but how much is he worth?

Footballer turned manager Mikel Arteta earned some serious cash in his playing days, even if he wasn’t the most high-profile name. He started out at Barcelona, before playing for the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Rangers, Real Sociedad, Everton and Arsenal, before switching to coaching for Manchester City and Arsenal. He’s notoriously private, but how much is he really worth?

What is Mikel Arteta's net worth?

Mikel was never one to flash the cash and share the ins-and-outs of his life on social media, but that hasn’t stopped him racking up more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter, and nearly 900k on Instagram. He’s estimated to be worth a cool £15 million, however some sources claim as much as £70 million.

After his impressive 17-year career as a football player, he started a coaching apprenticeship as Pep Guardiola's assistant at Manchester City. He spent 12 years of his career in the Premier League with Everton and Arsenal. He was on a £75,000-a-week deal with Everton, but there were reports he took a pay cut to join Arsenal in 2011. It’s thought his pay soon bumped back up though when he became team captain in 2014. 

As head coach at Arsenal, it’s reported he’s bringing home around £5 million a year. He currently has a four year deal worth an impressive £20 million until 2023.

As well as his coaching role, it’s likely that Arteta has sponsorships and endorsements boosting his bank account.

As a player he had endorsement deals with adidas and Puma, but it seems he isn’t linked to one sponsor. He was previously seen wearing Nike boots at Manchester City and adidas at Arsenal.

He is private about his personal life and limits what he shares online, but fans are getting to see behind the scenes in a new series.

Despite his reluctance to share on socials, the kind-hearted star is vocal about his support of numerous charities. Most recently he has been promoting the Heads Up mental health campaign that has been backed by Prince William. He also works with Global Gift Foundation, an organisation who supports women, children and families. He has also supported Save the Children, and was an ambassador for Trans World Soccer.

He regularly posts on social media to promote the work of these charities.

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