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What Is Nelson Piquet’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Nelson Piquet’s Net Worth In 2022?

All you need to know about Nelson Piquet’s Net Worth

Although Piquet is now in the headlines for shockingly referring to Lewis Hamilton using a racial slur, his public profile is built upon his legacy as being among the greatest Formula One drivers in history. 

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Piquet self-funded his racing career, beginning with 20 hp karting in his native Brazil.

The Brazilian subsequently moved to Europe where stunning Formula Three successes billing him as a prodigy. 

He went on to win three championships and tot up 23 Gran Prix wins. 

Now long retired and at the helm of a range of businesses, many are wondering what Nelson Piquet’s net worth is?

What Is Nelson Piquet’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the former Brabham driver’s net worth is an estimated $200 million (£164.2 million), according to and other sources.

This wealth is the sum-total of prize money from his driving career, which makes up the majority of his wealth, plus his self-founded company, Autotrac.

After his Formula One career, Piquet could not tear himself from the track. He participated in Indy car racing in the USA, a spell marred with injuries and engine problems.

The Brazilian subsequently raced sports cars, including an 8th placed finish at Le Mans, the iconic 24 hour long race. 

His personal life has been described as that of the stereotypical play-boy racing driver.

He earned and lost a series of small fortunes in business ventures. Piquet had a year-long marriage in 1976, before his second marriage which produced three children.

He is now married to Brazilian Vivianne de Souza Leao, with whom he has two children.

He also has a 64 foot yacht, valued at $15 million, and a private jet considered one of the fastest in the world. 

Even prior to his comments about Lewis Hamilton, the Brazilian has never been a stranger to controversy. 

In 1988 he called his rival Nigel Mansell, an "uneducated blockhead" and dubbed his wife Roseanne "ugly”. 

In 2021, Piquet used the racially offensive Portuguese term "neguinho" when discussing an incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the 2021 British Grand Prix. 

These comments have now resurfaced, prompting Piquet to apologise for his remarks amid a tidal wave of anger from the F1 Community and social media users.

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