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Salt Bae Is The Next Social Media Star Who Wants To Take Up Boxing

Salt Bae Is The Next Social Media Star Who Wants To Take Up Boxing

Salt Bae told Rashed 'Money Kicks' Belhasa he wants to take up boxing when the YouTuber visited his restaurant

Global social media star Salt Bae may be the next influencer to step into the ring after telling YouTuber Rashed 'Money Kicks' Belhasa he wants to take up boxing.

The restauranteur let Money Kicks in on his ambition during the YouTuber's recent visit to one of his venues in Dubai.

Nusret Gökçe became known as Salt Bae after videos of his salt-sprinkling method went viral online in 2017.

Money Kicks wrote on Instagram: "[Salt Bae] Told me he wants to fight!! Who do you want to see him fight?"

In a video on Money Kicks' YouTube channel, Salt Bae can be seen dramatically cutting Belhasa's steak, before posing with him for photos and letting on: "Rashid, I wanna do boxing."

Salt Bae's Nusr-Et restaurant empire, which includes a venue in Knightsbridge, London, spans the globe.

Some diners are known to shell out £850 for one of Gökçe's Golden Tomahawk steaks.

The jaw-dropping bill at Salt Bae's Nusr Et restaurant in London.

Celebrities like David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and Naomi Campbell have all visited the Bae's extortionately-priced restaurants since his rise to fame.

And celebrities are at the centre of the last few years' controversial trend of big-money boxing bouts.

Money Kicks himself is due to fight former world champion Floyd Mayweather at the Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai come February.

Floyd Mayweather Jr with Money Kicks.
Money Kicks/YouTube

The 20-year-old son of a billionaire, previously labelled 'Dubai's richest teenager', said the flight is due to take place on the helipad at the top.

Money Kicks told Sky Sports Mayweather was an icon to him.

"I never thought I would ever fight Floyd. He is the best fighter ever," he said.

"When I was young, I would collect his 'The Money Team' caps."

Money Kicks fought twice last year and claimed to be in the final stages of negotiations with Floyd's team.

He said: "Mayweather's team asked my team for a meeting. We thought, 'No way will this happen!' The same day of the meeting, I saw Mayweather saying, 'I would love to fight Rashed'.

Money Kicks is set to step in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Money Kicks/YouTube

"He is serious. It is an honour that he has called me out. I thought, 'This will go viral!'"

Floyd stepped into the ring last year with another YouTube star: Logan Paul.

The motley duo went the full eight rounds and Money Kicks even claimed to have received some tips from Logan.

He said: "Logan made history. The whole world was talking about their fight. He has already given me tips on how to fight Mayweather.

"He told me to flinch a lot, and to move a lot, because Mayweather is a fast guy who has experience. If I knock him out, I would not sleep for a year!"

Featured Image Credit: Credit: @rsbelhasa/Instagram

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