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Super Bowl fans are questioning why Gordon Ramsay was there and allowed to be pitchside

Super Bowl fans are questioning why Gordon Ramsay was there and allowed to be pitchside

People have no idea why the famous chef was even there

Ever seen a celebrity who just looks completely out of place somewhere?

Well, for many Super Bowl viewers yesterday (12 February), this was definitely the case when one sharp-tongued British chef appeared on the scene.

The bizarre sighting of Gordon Ramsay led many sports fans to wonder why he was even there in the first place.

Super Bowl fans wondered why Gordan Ramsay was pitchside.
Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Ramsay, 56, is definitely no stranger to the screen.

Becoming a household name, the chef has a whole plethora of television shows - many of which he gets to show off his quick wit and very impressive swearing abilities.

Whether it's Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef or Hotel Hell - Ramsay fits in like a perfect jigsaw piece in a whole range of places.

However, it seems that last night's Super Bowl was not one of those places as many viewers began to point out.

The Kansas City Chiefs brought the trophy home last night after beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 with quarterback Patrick Mahomes being named MVP.

Travis Kelce and Gordon Ramsay embraced in a handshake.
Kansas City Chiefs/Twitter

When the Kansas City Chiefs shared a photo with the celebrity chef shortly before the game, many seemed to be totally baffled as to why Ramsay was there.

The victors posted a photo to Twitter of the Chief's tight end, Travis Kelce, and the Kitchen Nightmares star embraced in a handshake.

Tagging Ramsay - with an appropriate chef emoji to pair - the post was captioned: "Gordon Ramsay knows Killa Trav about to COOK."

It has since garnered over 1.1 million views with thousands comments from fans wondering just why Ramsay was there in the first place.

"Why is he there?"

One Twitter user wrote: "Why is he there?" with two cry-laughing emojis.

"Gordon what are you doing there?" asked a second.

Clearly more concerned with the venue's capacity, another wondered: "How do they even have room for all these people on the sidelines?"

"Love this so much chef with chief lol," posted another, clearly amused with the similar names of Ramsay's vocation and the winning team's title.

Subtly getting in a Kitchen Nightmare's iconic meme moment, another added: "I bet Kelce is telling him where the lamb sauce is."

Ramsay has since responded to the Chief's tweet congratulating 'Killa Trav': "Update: he did. Well done bud!"

The British chef then promised the winning Chief's player 'dinner on me' at his Gordon Ramsay Steak restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles.

A very random dinner date not many thought would ever happen indeed.

Featured Image Credit: gordongram / Instagram / Chiefs / Twitter

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