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The NRL All Stars game is in New Zealand for the first time ever, you’ll want to witness history

The NRL All Stars game is in New Zealand for the first time ever, you’ll want to witness history

For the first time in history, the Aotearoa NZ Māori and Indigenous All Stars will lock horns in New Zealand. Expect fireworks!

The NRL Harvey Norman All Stars game is heading to New Zealand for the very first time.

In a historic moment for the game, the hotly-contested clash between the Aotearoa NZ Māori and Indigenous sides will be played out on home soil in front of thousands of roaring fans.

Tickets are available from NZD$40 for adults and NZD$85. You can purchase them RIGHT HERE.

In recent years, the All Stars game has become something far bigger than footy.

Whether it’s on the footy field or in the office at work, representation matters and this match serves as an opportunity for the NRL and NRLW’s best stars to represent their origins and culture on the world stage.

From their respective war cries to their sheer talent on display, witnessing the biggest and best Māori and the Indigenous players take to the field in their beautiful distinctive jerseys is truly special – only this time, it won’t be played out on Australian Shores.

That’s right, the likes of James Fisher-Harris, Joseph Tapine, Corey Harawira-Naera and Jordan Rapana will be hoping the Māori All Stars can defend their crown on home soil.


But they’ll face a tough task when the Indigenous All Stars including Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker, Nicho Hynes and Selwyn Cobbo are standing opposite them when the referee blows his whistle for the very first time.

As for the women’s game, that promises to be one of the most exciting yet.

With the NRLW continuing to grow at a rapid pace, the two star-studded women’s squads means this clash has all the ingredients for box office entertainment.

Māori stars such as Shanice Parker, Zahara Temara and Olivia Kernick will undoubtedly want to seal back-to-back victories like their male counterparts.

Meanwhile, the Indigenous side boasts some impressive talent including the likes of Shaylee Bent, Kirra Dibb and Jaime Chapman who’ll be doing everything in their power to upset the odds in foreign territory.

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Aotearoa NZ Māori Tāne All Stars (Men)

Jesse Arthars

Zach Dockar-Clay

Austin Dias

James Fisher-Harris

Corey Harawira-Naera

Morgan Harper

Royce Hunt

Zane Musgrove

Briton Nikora

Hayze Perham

Sheldon Pitama

Adam Pompey

Jordan Rapana

Jordan Riki

Tukimihia Simpkins

Joseph Tapine

Leo Thompson

Paul Turner

Creedence Toia

Dylan Walker

Coach: Ben Gardiner

Indigenous All Stars (Men)

Bailey Butler

Selwyn Cobbo

Tyrell Fuimaono

J'maine Hopgood

Nicholas Hynes

Ryan James

Albert Kelly

Joshua Kerr

Daine Laurie

Latrell Mitchell

Shaquai Mitchell

Kierran Moseley

Brent Naden

Tyrone Peachey

Tyrell Sloan

Isaiah Tass

Jamayne Taunoa-Brown

Braydon Trindall

Cody Walker

Jack Wighton

Coach: Ronald Griffiths


Aotearoa NZ Māori Tāne All Stars (Women)

Brooke Anderson

Destiny Brill

Gayle Broughton

Harata Butler

Kahu Cassidy

Laikha Clarke

Zali Fay

Mya Hill-Moana

Olivia Kernick

Shannon Mato

Capri Paekau

Aaliyah Paki

Shanice Parker

Ashleigh Quinlan

Tiana Raftstrand-Smith

Jasmin Strange

Zahara Temara

Kailey Thompson

Amy Turner

Coach: Keith Hanley

Indigenous All Stars (Women)

Essay Banu

Shaylee Bent

Jaime Chapman

Bree Chester

Kirra Dibb

Quincy Dodd

Taliah Fuimaono

Ahlivia Ingram

Keilee Joseph

Bobbi Law

Mia Middleton

Sareka Mooka

Jasmine Peters

Kaitlyn Phillips

Shaniah Power

Jada Taylor

Tahlulah Tillett

Shakiah Tungai

Coach: Ben Jeffries

Featured Image Credit: Supplied/NRL

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