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Tommy Fury denies Jake Paul knocked him down and says he slipped

Tommy Fury denies Jake Paul knocked him down and says he slipped

Fury doesn't go down that easily!

Despite winning the highly anticipated fight this evening (26 February), Tommy Fury was - at one point - knocked down by rival Jake Paul.

But the British pro-boxer is saying that he simply just slipped and it wasn't at all caused by the American's brute force.

In an emotional post-match interview, the victorious Fury said Paul was a: "Better man than [he] ever thought [he] was", but strongly denied that he was knocked down by the YouTuber.

Fury went on to describe how prepping for the match had consumed his life for the past two and a half years, proving to the doubters that he was made of tough stuff.

"This is for everyone who said I couldn't do it," he continued, admitting: "I had no one in my corner. Everyone thought I was running scared."

He even went on to dedicate the win to his and partner Molly-Mae Hague's newborn baby daughter, Bambi, sending heartfelt messages back home.

"I love you so much and daddy can't wait to see you - this is for you, my baby," added the proud father as the post-fight adrenaline surged.

Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul in an incredibly close match this evening.
BT Sport

The interviewer then asked him the question that was on everyone's minds while watching the fight: "Talk to me about that round eight knockdown. Did it surprise you? Shock you? What were you feeling at that moment?"

Fury reaffirmed his audience with: "I'll be honest, there's no excuses coming from me. That wasn't a knock-down. That was a slip. That was genuinely a slip."

He added that he got up, 'wasn't hurt' and 'came right back into it' - reiterating the words for a third time: "That was a slip."

A surprised Fury then went on to admit that Paul was a better fighter than he expected, pausing for a moment when the interviewer questioned him about the potential of a rematch between the two rivals.

The referee gave the count, despite Fury saying it was a slip.
BT Sport

"If he wants a rematch, he can have a rematch," Fury concluded.

"At the end of the day, there was a lot of pressure coming in on this. I dealt with it, I'm 23 years old and I've got the world at my feet."

Fury has been given a WBC ranking for his efforts this evening, but he says his plans for now are to get back home to partner Molly-Mae and their month-old baby Bambi.

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport

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