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Tommy Fury’s furious manager calls out Jake Paul’s team after one ‘threatened to shoot him’

Tommy Fury’s furious manager calls out Jake Paul’s team after one ‘threatened to shoot him’

Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul, but the bad blood continued well after the fight had finished in Saudi Arabia

Tommy Fury’s manager gave a seriously angry interview after the fight against Jake Paul this weekend, accusing one of Paul’s team of threatening to shoot him.

Here’s a snippet from the interview to give you an idea of how angry he was:

It’s a shame really, as Jimmy Harrington and his team should have been able to celebrate a big win against the odds, with 23-year-old Fury claiming a win via decision after the eight-round fight in Saudi Arabia.

Paul was somehow up on one card at the end of the fight, so the decision wasn’t as convincing as it might have been, and Fury was knocked down – though he claimed it was a slip – at one stage.

But, two of the judges ruled in favour of Fury, meaning that he took the important win after the hotly-anticipated clash, which was bad-tempered from the beginning.

Anyway, speaking with Boxing King Media after the fight, Harrington unloaded his anger at the Paul team, specifically Paul’s coach and professional boxer J’Leon Love.

Harrington was clearly very upset about it.
Boxing King Media

Harrington ranted: “Shenanigans and stupidity, and you lot on that other team are stupid – the whole lot of you.

“Stood there with 15 men giving me grief, I can take that all day but you – is it J’Leon Love? Is that what he’s called? – you got personal you little s**tbag.

“I am going to see you one day and when I do I promise you, left hand to God, you are getting it you boss-eyed b***ard. You are f**king getting it.”

He then added: “Then, I’ve got one of them who is going to shoot me! Well, get out your gun and shoot me you divvy b***ard.

“I’m telling you straight that’s what he said to me – get your gun out and shoot my you divvy b***ard.”

In the end, it thankfully didn’t come to that.

Still, the teams will be set to meet up again pretty soon, given that both parties seemed to agree verbally to a rematch.

There’s a clause in the contract that allows that, so it could easily get run back.

Whether as many people would want to watch it all again is another question altogether.

Whilst the fight had all the hallmarks of a classic boxing rivalry – big characters, genuine dislike, and box-office interest – the actual boxing left a lot to be desired from both.

Tommy Fury won the eight-round fight in the end.

That’s probably why fighters with a combined 14 bouts between them don’t usually end up topping massive pay-per-view events.

If the rematch does take place, perhaps Jimmy and J’Leon could fight on the undercard.

That sounds a lot more entertaining than a one-sided gunfight or a backstage scrap.

It’s very unlikely though.

More likely we’ll see Fury and Paul get tore into each other again, this time with a bit more knowledge of what to expect.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Boxing King

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