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Footage of Saudis celebrating the win against Argentina at the World Cup is wild

Footage of Saudis celebrating the win against Argentina at the World Cup is wild

One guy ripped a door off its hinges and another fired an AK-47 into the air after Saudi Arabia's huge upset in Qatar.

We have to give it to the Saudis, they sure know how to celebrate.

Footage shared to social media has revealed just how hard football fans are going in the Middle Eastern kingdom after they produced one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in their opening match in Qatar and there's no one in the world who are celebrating more than the Saudis.

One jubilant bloke was seen ripping a door off its hinges and another fired an AK-47 into the air following the World Cup win.

Videos of the man firing off the machine gun have now gone viral, with the caption alongside the video reading: "Well that escalated quickly."

Yeah, no kidding.

One Twitter user said: "I was waiting for something like this."

Others just tweeted laughing face emojis underneath the clip of the gun nut.

Meanwhile, the TikTok clip of the man versus door has been viewed more than six million times since the Saudi success.

One social media user said: "Next match i think it’s the windows turn."

A second user added: "They broke the door with their hands? What energy."

Another TikTokker joked: "Now you understand why they banned alcohol?"

Other fans took to the streets after the game to celebrate in a very iconic way: by riding what appeared to be an effigy of a giant horse, much like the Trojans heading into Troy.

In footage shared on social media, other fans were seen jumping up and down wildly, which is a little bit more normal than doors losing their place in the household or a gigantic fake horse.

The celebrations will likely go on well into Wednesday (November 23) after Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud declared a national holiday to mark the incredible occasion.

"It is directed that tomorrow, Wednesday, be a holiday for all employees in all sectors of the state and the private sector, and male and female students in all educational stages," a statement from the king said, as per The Athletic.

The win against Argentina places Saudi Arabia top of Group C for now.


Saudi Arabia's win was a massive upset for Group C, with Argentina currently paying $9 to win the World Cup, as per PointsBet.

The loss saw Argentina’s chances of winning the World Cup drop to just 8.6 percent, having sat at 12.6 percent prior to the tournament kicking off.

Fans may also be keen to know that Argentina had been favourites to top Group C - on 65.8 percent - but that’s since dropped to 27.3 percent.

Saudi Arabia now has a 46.2 percent chance of making it to the final 16 after their huge win.

Featured Image Credit: os.nx/TikTok. Twitter/@StokeyyG2.

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