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UK fans will have to get to the pub very early to watch World Cup games this winter

UK fans will have to get to the pub very early to watch World Cup games this winter

Some of the games at Qatar 2022 begin pretty early in the day if you want to get down the pub and watch them.

Fans wanting to catch as much of the 2022 World Cup will have to get up pretty early in the morning to avoid missing out on key fixtures.

That's because plenty of the group games will be kicking off at 10am UK time, including Wales' second group game against Iran on 25 November.

England fans wanting to watch their tournament opener against Iran will have to make sure they're down the pub by 1pm to avoid missing any of the action.

Luckily for the two British teams in the tournament, their other two group games, against the US and then each other, will be on at 7pm, which seems like a fine time to watch the football.

Even better for fans wanting to watch as much as possible, the 10am kick-offs are all wrapped up after the second round of group game fixtures.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup will be played in the winter.
Ionel Sorin Furcoi / Alamy Stock Photo

From that point onwards, the rest of the scheduled fixtures are all due to be played at 3pm and 7pm UK time, though where England and Wales might end up depends entirely on how they do in the group stages.

One more thing to remember if you're wanting to watch as much of the 2022 World Cup as possible is that the opening match of the tournament looks like it's getting moved forward by a day.

Under the previous timetable Senegal and the Netherlands were going to open the competition, but since host nations traditionally start things off, Qatar wants their clash with Ecuador to be played on 20 November.

If you want to know when it's all happening for England and Wales we've got a list of their fixtures here with all kick offs in UK time:

Monday 21 November

England vs Iran, 1pm

USA vs Wales, 7pm

Friday 25 November

Wales vs Iran, 10am

England vs USA, 7pm

Tuesday 29 November

Wales vs England, 7pm

The last time England and Wales met at an international tournament was at Euro 2016. England won 2-1 but Wales reached the semi finals.
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After the group stages the winners and runners up of each group will progress, meaning both Wales and England can make it through.

The runners up of Group B will play the Group A winners on Saturday 3 December at 3pm, while the Group B winners will take on the Group A runners up on 4 December at 7pm.

Get through those games and it's onto the quarter finals, which if England and Wales keep winning will see them play on 10 December at 7pm.

Semi-finals on 13 December and 14 December, both games at 7pm, could see each British side make it further into the competition provided they don't get knocked out and possibly propel them into a final on 18 December at 3pm.

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