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Wrexham fans criticise 'cowardly' vandals who defaced mural with 'disgusting' graffiti

Wrexham fans criticise 'cowardly' vandals who defaced mural with 'disgusting' graffiti

This comes after the Red Dragons secured promotion to the football league last month

Wrexham fans have slammed the vandals who defaced a mural with 'disgusting' graffiti.

The Red Dragons secured promotion to the football league last month, pipping Notts County to the top with a 3-1 victory over Boreham Wood.

It put the cherry on top of what has been a pretty huge cake for fans of the Welsh side over the past year, ending 15 years in the National League.

And to celebrate their success, owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will be joining their players on an open-top bus parade of the city later today (2 May), with fans set to line the streets.

However, some supporters have expressed their anger after seeing that a hand-painted mural of a red dragon, which is located on Crispin Lane, had been vandalised.

Someone spray painted the initials 'CFC' and numbers '125' across the bottom of the image, which fans believe is a reference to Chester FC and its hooligan firm.

Vandals defaced the mural.
Twitter/FC United of Wrexham

There was also another offensive message written on the wall but it has since been covered up, with fans branding the perpetrators 'cowards'.

Sharing their disgust, one fan said: "This is absolutely disgusting. This is not banter at all it’s utter disgraceful. Shame on you."

Another commented: "Vandalism achieves nothing!"

"@ChesterFC as a club you need to come out asap and condemn the appalling graffiti left by some Chester moron on the wrexham mural," put a third.

"It’s sickening and you need to distance the club from it now."

While someone else added: "@ChesterFC hope your will condemn and actively attempt to identify the scum amongst your fan base that caused criminal damage to this mural."

LADbible has contacted Wrexham AFC and Chester FC for a comment.

This comes as it was revealed that the Wrexham players were set to receive a huge prize from the club's owners after getting promoted to League Two.

Wrexham secured promotion to the football league last month.

As well as a trip to Las Vegas, the lads have been a guaranteed share of a £250,000 pot that was to be their reward, as confirmed by the club’s chairman Humphrey Ker, who said it was ‘the right thing to do’.

Ker told the Wrexham AFC official website: “Rob and Ryan wanted to recognise the players’ confidence that they can reach this season’s play-offs and provide an added financial incentive to achieve this.

"There was no obligation to address this, but it felt like the right thing to do in order to support the existing playing squad who are all playing for their futures at the club."

They'll have plenty of cash to spend when they're in Sin City then.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@vancityreynolds/Twitter/FC United of Wrexham

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