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Millionaire who makes '£7,000 in sleep' has £100,000 Audi vandalised with insults

Millionaire who makes '£7,000 in sleep' has £100,000 Audi vandalised with insults

Waseem Khan has made millions by trading cryptocurrency

A millionaire who claims he can make thousands of pounds in his sleep said he was 'gutted' to find his £100,000 Audi vandalised with spray paint.

Waseem Khan has made big money by trading cryptocurrency, and has garnered thousands of followers and views on TikTok, where he recently featured in a video on the infamous Wakey Wines account.

Khan celebrated his wealth recently by forking out for a bright yellow Audi R8 V10 worth £100,000, which he left out overnight in Leeds city centre recently when he went on a business trip to Manchester.

Khan found the vandalism when he returned from Manchester.
Waseem Khan

Speaking to Leeds Live about his experience, 20-year-old Khan said: "I left town last night, around 11, 12ish. I got called for a business meeting, they said they were gonna pick me up and go to Manchester, so I left my car in the city centre.

“I didn’t think about where I had parked it, came home this afternoon, and I went to get my car and it has been fully vandalised, and I thought it is definitely someone that knows me or something."

When he returned to Leeds the next day, Khan found his three-month-old car vandalised with the word 'die', with graffiti also branding him a 'show off' and a 'virgin'.

“It just shows, even if you are doing something good in life, there is a lot of hate," Khan said in the aftermath. “I don’t really have any enemies, I think a lot of people just can’t see someone young, do good, you know I have a supercar at 20, they can’t put up with it."

While he was still 'gutted' when he saw the car, Khan insisted it's not going to 'phase him'.

Khan said the person responsible for the vandalism is 'pathetic'.
Waseem Khan

"I thought I could take it off, I took it to the car wash and it was not coming off, that is when I started worrying that it needed a paint job or a new wrap sheet," he said.

“It’s not going to phase me, they did it when I wasn’t there, if I was there I don’t think they would have had the urge to do anything like that.

"I would just like to say to them, what you have done is very low and pathetic and childish, you just cannot see someone young doing well, it is just pathetic, they could be following their own dreams instead of destroying someone else's."

Khan went on to claim the car was 'not much of a loss' as he can 'make £6-7,000 in [his] sleep', but he claimed the vandalism was an example of attracting 'a lot of good people and a lot of bad people' on social media.

“I would like the person that did it, to come forward," he added.

LADbible has contacted West Yorkshire Police for a comment regarding the vandalism.

Featured Image Credit: Waseem Khan

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