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WWE Legend Andre ‘The Giant’ Once Drank 108 Beers In Under An Hour

WWE Legend Andre ‘The Giant’ Once Drank 108 Beers In Under An Hour

The late pro wrestler was larger than life in every way possible

Andre ‘The Giant’ was larger than life in every way possible – even when it came to enjoying a few (dozen) beers.

While most of us would struggle to hold down more than 10 in a night, the late WWE legend apparently once drank 108 beers in just 45 minutes.

Granted, they were small beers – but even so, that's one helluva session.

The French pro wrestler, real name André René Roussimoff, sadly passed away in 1993 aged 46 due to congestive heart failure.

But he left behind a significant legacy in the sport, having earned his reputation as 'The Eighth Wonder of the World' due to his 7ft 4in stature, which resulted from a form of gigantism.

Andre 'The Giant' was able to hold down an ungodly amount of booze.
Creative Commons

The star enjoyed a successful career inside the ring throughout the 1970s and 80s, going on to have a professional feud with Hulk Hogan.

But when the cameras weren't rolling the pair were buddies, and it was in fact Hogan who revealed the tidbit about Andre's drinking capabilities.

In a previous interview, the Daily Star reports, the 68-year-old TV personality said: “I get a call. ‘Hey, boss, I’m at the Tampa airport. I’ve got a one-hour layover.’

"I was like OK, it’s 15 minutes or so from my mom’s house. So I drive over the airport and I met him at the Delta Crown Lounge.

"By the time we sat down, we had about 45 minutes before he had to walk to the next gate. He drank 108 12-ounce (350ml) beers.”

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the only wild story about the wrestler's booze habit, which some have said contributed to his health struggles.

WWE producer Gerald Brisco said in a previous backstage interview: "There are a lot of crazy stories about Andre that sound fake but most are true, especially his drinking.

"Andre used to ask me to get him six bottles of Mateus wine and ice them down.

"He would drink those before we went to the ring and no one could tell. One night in Sarasota, Andre is traveling with us. So we pull over and get two cases of tall boys.

"By the time we get from Sarasota to the Tahitian Inn on Dale Mabry, the two cases were bone dry."

The late WWE legend would even drink before a match.
Creative Commons

And if that wasn't enough, his former colleague and fellow pro wrestler Ric Flair also had a few anecdotes up his sleeve about the WWE legend.

That includes the time he and Andre drank every bottle of vodka on a plane to Japan.

"Hey, I've been on a plane, on a 747 with him going to Tokyo out of Chicago, on No. 4 on Northwest," said Flair. "We drank every bottle of vodka on the plane."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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