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YouTuber AnEsonGib shows off unbelievable transformation after taking up boxing

YouTuber AnEsonGib shows off unbelievable transformation after taking up boxing

YouTuber AnEsonGib goes up against Austin McBroom in Los Angeles, California, later today

YouTuber AnEsonGib has shown off his unbelievable transformation after taking up boxing, ahead of his clash against Austin McBroom later today (Saturday 10 September). 

The men had previously fought against other opponents in the famous YouTube vs TikTok boxing event that took place in 2021, and have since wanted to continue to box against other social media stars. 

Their original match had to be rescheduled after coronavirus restrictions remained in place, but now AnEsonGib – whose real name is Ali Loui Al-Fakhri – will finally go up against McBroom in today’s fight in Los Angeles, California. 

And it looks like the YouTuber is in a good position, having shed 55lbs to weigh in at 176lb ahead of the long-awaited boxing match. 

He shared photos showing off his progress on Twitter earlier this week, writing: “EVOLUTION OF BIG KHAUNA GIBBER.” 

Due to the time difference, the event will likely begin at 11pm in the UK, with the main event falling significantly later due to the size of the fight card, which features:

  • Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib
  • LeVeon Bell vs Adrian Peterson
  • Blueface vs Nick 'Swaggy P' Young
  • Landon McBroom vs Adam Saleh
  • Cody Wharton vs Chase Demoor

This means we can expect to see the main fight at around 3am UK time, depending on how the rest of the evening goes as always with boxing. 

Fight fans in the United Kingdom will be able to stream all of the action live from the event via FITE TV, which is offering the full fight card for McBroom vs AnEsonGib for $29.99 (£25.80). 

A side by side showing AnEsonGib in 2016 (left) and 2017.

Fans in the United States will be able to watch all of the action live on the night via at the cost of $39.99 (£34.50). 

Ahead of the fight, McBroom said: "Sometimes I can't take him serious because I'm not sure if he's acting or being for real. To be honest, I feel like he has experience but he's just not on my level.

"He's got an awkward style, unathletic and played video games, didn't do a push-up until he was 21. He hasn't fought anybody with all that experience."

AnEsonGib responded: "He's a D1 athlete who takes up sports quickly, but what he doesn't have and what money can't buy is experience.

"My experience is vast, I've been in the game since the beginning of YouTube boxing.

"He's here, I'm guessing, to emulate what KSI and the Pauls have done. I don't believe he's fallen in love with the sport like I have or that he has the obsession that I have." 

Featured Image Credit: @anesongib/Twitter

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