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Youtuber MikeyT impersonates UFC staff to join Alexander Volkanovski during walkout

Youtuber MikeyT impersonates UFC staff to join Alexander Volkanovski during walkout

YouTuber MikeyT decided he was blagging into Alexander Volkanovski's UFC 284 event, but even he couldn't have imagined how well it would go

A YouTuber managed to blag his way into a massive UFC event with fake credentials, even getting to walk out with the fighters before the main event.

Here's a clip from the video, explaining the plan:

MikeyT has garnered his YouTube following by attempting stunts like this, so it’s to be expected really.

You'd imagine that following will only grow after this latest escapade.

He managed to sneak his way into the best seats in the house for UFC 284, which took place at the RAC Arena in Perth.

The event featured a huge home favourite at the top of the main card with Alexander Volkanovski defending his UFC featherweight belt against Islam Makhachev.

Ahead of the big night in Western Australia, MikeyT decided that he was going to get into the arena, one way or another.

In the YouTube video that resulted, he did clarify that he had a ticket, he ‘just didn’t use it’.

That might just cover his arse should the UFC come a-calling after him.

Here's the UFC pass he had made up.

Anyway, before the event MikeyT made up some fake photography credentials and even dressed himself up as an official UFC employee, before he simply walked through a number of security checkpoints and managed to get himself right next to the octagon.

As the undercard got started, MikeyT managed to capture the walkout of heavyweight fighter Justin Tafa, before crowning the whole night off by accompanying Volkanovski to the centre of the arena, in front of a passionate and excitable crowd.

Then, he was just a few metres away from his opponent and challenger before the fight got underway, managing to get the best view possible for the fight that then ensued.

After the fact, he then shared his story on YouTube, where he expressed his pride and shock at how successful his blag turned out to be.

“Okay guys so I am still in disbelief at what we have just gone and done,” he said.

He even made up a UFC employee get-up too.

“I got changed real quick so it didn’t look like I was walking around in the media outfit.

“I am incredibly lost for words at how that all just played out, I originally thought I would just sneak into the event.

"But the fact how we managed to do all those things, get literally ringside, go backstage and even walk out with the two main event people.

“That was just incredible.”

Things didn’t run quite as smoothly for the Aussie favourite in the ring, however.

MikeyT was happy with his work.

Despite a whole heap of hype leading up to the first Australian UFC visit since 2019, Volkanovski failed to fire on the night, losing by unanimous decision to his Russian opponent.

Still, those who were in attendance - either through the normal means or otherwise - will have enjoyed the atmosphere, even if the result wasn’t quite what most of them wanted.

If you want to see how MikeyT pulls it off, you can watch the full video here.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MikeyT

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