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Bouncer who 'KO'd thousands' was targeted by hitman at home after scrap with punter

Bouncer who 'KO'd thousands' was targeted by hitman at home after scrap with punter

The bouncer also worked security during Ronnie Kray's funeral and claims he had '21-inch-arms', during the Eventful Lives podcast.

A bouncer who once worked for the Krays claims that he was targeted by hitmen who showed up at his home.

Marcus Redwood has spent 40 years working as a doorman and alleges he knocked out ‘thousands’ of punters during his prolific career.

However, this brutal lifestyle didn’t come without its costs.

In fact, the former bouncer revealed that he feared for his life after one altercation during a recent episode of the Eventful Lives podcast.

“I got sent to every troublesome club,” joked Redwood, as he listed the notorious underworld criminals he’d worked with throughout his security career and the emergence of the rave scene in the 1980s.

He even attended the funeral of Ronnie Kray, working as security for the high-profile event.

It wasn’t until a decade later though, when things started to become problematic.

Redwood feared for his life after 1990 brawl.
YouTube/Dodge Woodall

At the time, Redwood kicked out a man who was reportedly high on drugs, and so intoxicated that he swung at the bouncer after being told to calm down.

Understandably, the doorman was comfortable with this and shortly after administered his own punishment for the rowdy behaviour.

"So I hit him back, he went flying out the door," he confessed, adding: "He jumped back up and ran at me and wrapped himself around me.”

Redwood continued: "So I peeled him off of me, picked him up on top of me, chucked him and broke his leg.”

This scuffle soon incurred the wrath of a ‘family in London’ who sort out their own justice.

Although the initial fight happened in the summer of 1990, it wasn’t until November that Redwood had an unexpected call.

The former bouncer slept with a gun for months after the hit.
YouTube/Dodge Woodall

Having nipped off to a nearby off-license, he returned to find two men lurking outside his home.

"As soon as I walked out, they just slowed down and looked at me," he revealed, adding: “I felt something wasn't right. I kept looking, got in my car, then saw this guy's arm drop down and I saw the silhouette of a gun.”

Quickly reversing away, the doorman saw one of the men take aim and fire as Redwood sped off.

Thankfully, only the back tyres were hit and the bouncer was able to call the police from the off-license.

Whilst he claims the police were more interested in him than his attackers, Redwood did seek support from former gangster, Dave Courtney.

"I told him that I've upset this family and Dave [Courtney] knew the family," he said, as he revealed that the notorious criminal had a chat with the unnamed family – which calmed things down.

Despite this and having '21-inch-arms’ at the time, Redwood still slept with a gun next to him for the next three months.

Makes 9 to 5 seem less bad, doesn’t it?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/davecourtney666

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