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Police urged to reopen 53-year-old murder investigation after 'confession' note found

Police urged to reopen 53-year-old murder investigation after 'confession' note found

Muriel McKay's family have yet to receive closure in a 53-year ordeal

Police have been urged to reopen the case of Muriel McKay, who was murdered 53 years ago, after an alleged long-lost confession from one of her killers was uncovered.

Arthur Hosein and his brother Nizamodeen Hosein had been subsequently charged with her murder after they kidnapped her in 1969, with her body having not yet been discovered.

What makes Muriel's death even more horrific was that she wasn't supposed to be their victim.

Muriel McKay was murdered 53 years ago.
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Her husband, Alec McKay was deputy to Rupert Murdoch and the brothers had mistaken Muriel for Mr Murdoch's wife, Anna Marie Trov, while she and Mr McKay were using the Murdoch's limousine.

Despite the body not being found, the brothers were convicted in one of the first murder trials without this evidence, however, they denied any involvement and refused to say what they had done with Mrs McKay.

But information appears to suggest that Arthur Hosein had told his solicitor that Muriel’s body was buried at Jaywick Sands near Clacton, Essex.

According to Sky News, the letter read: "I have received information that the body of Mrs McKay, who was the alleged victim in this case, was buried at Jaywick Sands, a fact which I have communicated to the local police.

"It may be that there is some merit in what this man says."

Author Simon Farquhar had found the letter at the 'bottom of a box of official documents'.

He said: "The solicitor says he informed the local police, but we don't know whether that's the police in Essex, or local to Arthur's prison in Wakefield, or his own office in Birmingham or whatever.

"But as far as I can tell, no police officer was ever given this information. There was no visit to see Arthur in prison, either by the police or by that solicitor. There was no record of any police force having informed Wimbledon CID about this."

He then alleged that any information was relayed to 'members of the CID' to be looked at again by a connected officer.

Nizamodeen Hosein was one of the brothers who murdered Muriel McKay.
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It has been a heart-breaking ordeal for McKay’s family as Muriel's daughter Dianne said: "In many ways I'd like to halt the whole thing and personally I find it's an ongoing agony.

"I don't really want to go on and on for ever. But if someone is willing to have a quick look or a proper look for us on this huge beach area maybe that's a good idea."

Mrs McKay’s case was reopened in April after Nizamodeen Hosein told her family that she died of a heart attack and was buried at their farm in Hertfordshire. But the police ceased their search after her body was not found.

The officer in charge of the investigation has reportedly told the family that there might not be another search as the new information couldn't be verified.

They wrote in an email: "We are aware of this letter and have copies of the letter and other related documents.

"We have reviewed, considered, analysed and assessed the information, and unfortunately this is one single strand of intelligence.

Police have searched for Mrs McKay but have not yet recovered her body.
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"In the letter the solicitor states that he has information which suggests that Muriel was buried at Jaywick Sands, which we can assume has come from Arthur. Nonetheless we have done some research on the solicitor and it seems he has since passed away.

"We have no way of knowing exactly where that information came from and therefore unable to attribute, verify or assess the validity of the information. It is with regret that I will not be able to progress this line of enquiry."

LADbible has contacted Scotland Yard for comment.

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