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£46 million wedding with celebrity singer sparks furious reaction

£46 million wedding with celebrity singer sparks furious reaction

People didn't even know who the couple were!

Celebrity weddings can be pretty elaborate. Even the stars who throw an ‘intimate’ ceremony or party will be probably be splashing out way more than us mere muggles.

But a recent wedding went viral over on TikTok as the couple had reportedly spent a whopping £46 million on their big do, yet people don’t have a clue who they are.

Yeah, I’m talking millions, a properly extravagant wedding with celebrity singers, accommodation in a literal PALACE and private jets for everyone.

Videos of the ‘wedding of the century’ are doing the rounds online as guests share footage from the mega event.

With millions splashed out on renting the Palace of Versailles, flying American guests out to Paris and a rehearsal dinner in the Opera House, TikTok users were confused about who the mysterious couple even are. And obviously, where all this money came from.

Turns out it was the wedding of 26-year-old Madelaine Brockway and longtime boyfriend, Jacob LaGrone.

Maroon 5 performed at the lavish do.

Basically now an internet star, she’s originally from Miami, Florida, and is the daughter of Bob Brockway.

You might not have heard of him either but he’s the chairman and CEO of Ussery Automative Group – a car company overseeing various Mercedes Benz dealerships in Florida.

Back in August, the company sold just two locations for a reportedly whopping $150 million (£118.9 million) profit.

And her mum, Paula, is the Vice President of one of the Mercedes Bens branches.

It seems flogging flashy cars can make for a pretty pricey wedding.

One that had a big hen do at the exclusive Amangiri resort in the Utah desert with a Marie Antoinette-themed party.

Madeleine is said to have stayed at the Palace of Versailles during the wedding week, you know the former royal residence in France.

She was kitted out in super high end fashion for the entire trip and there was plenty of champagne being poured.

It was the wedding of 26-year-old Madelaine Brockway and longtime boyfriend Jacob LaGrone.

Oh, and on the big day, Maroon 5 not only soundtracked the first dance but also performed a full-on private concert for the couple and their guests.

Reacting to videos of the f**k off-fancy event on TikTok, users wrote: “Paris opera house, gardens, stunning decor AND maroon 5, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE.”

Another put: “That’s a million dollars in flowers alone omg," while others echoed: “Oh so u RICH RICH.”

But some pointed out on X: “You could fix so many things in this world with that kind of money.”

And others slammed: “It is absolutely insane how some humans experience life like this and others have to fight for basic resources.”

As another wrote: “Idc how much money I have, billions upon billions… 59 million on a wedding is insane.”

And in case you’re thinking about buying a gift for the happy couple (because rich people still need stuff, obviously), their registry features items like a $12.5k (£9.9k) butterfly house and a $125 (£99) dinner plate.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sav4president

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