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Harrowing moment 9/11 witness gives interview about first plane hitting before being interrupted by second attack

Harrowing moment 9/11 witness gives interview about first plane hitting before being interrupted by second attack

The man was being interviewed as the second hijacked plane hit

Warning: Contains footage and content some readers may find distressing

It’s been over 22 years since two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City.

On 11 September 2001, almost 3,000 people died due to the 9/11 terrorist attack – with many more lives lost and affected in the devastating aftermath.

Much of the second plane’s crash was captured live on camera following the first crash. And one harrowing clip shows a witness being interviewed before he was interrupted by the second attack. Watch here:

In the clip, the man is explaining to the camera: “The World Trade Center... glass everywhere.”

He is then distracted as he looks up into the sky as a plane can be heard flying low overhead.

The camera then turns upwards towards the towers which have been hit by the planes, as black smoke billows into the New York sky.

Screaming and shouting can be heard as the second hijacked plane had flown into the South Tower.

The United Airlines flight 175 crashed less than 20 minutes after American Airlines flight 11 hit the North Tower.

The man was being interviewed as the second plane hit.

As these types of videos continue to be uncovered over two decades since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, users responded on X: “It’s so crazy that we are seeing different POV’s years later.”

Many describe the clip as ‘horrible’ and ‘haunting’ as they called the attacks ‘insane’.

Others say they would’ve ‘been so scared’ if they’d been as close as the people filming and said of the attacks: “This sh*t still crazy to me.”

Earlier last year, a piece of footage of the moment the second plane hit was released – having never been shared.

Uploaded to YouTube, the person filming, Kevin Westley, appears to have been standing with a large group by the water's edge at the time.

The second plane hit just under 20 minutes after.
YouTube/Kevin Westley

There are audible gasps as the second plane appears in the sky and heads straight towards the Twin Towers.

When the plane crashes into the second tower, a huge fireball erupts, with the crowd heard screaming and someone saying: "Did you see that? He did it on purpose!"

Since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed millions of times and sparked a visceral reaction with those who've seen it.

"I’ve never seen this. Hopefully this video won’t get taken off. The fact you captured this happening is so surreal," one person commented.

Westley explained he had initially posted the video in the 00’s but left it private, he wrote: “Let us Pray. God we pray for those some 3000 that died on these fields as their life blood flowed out.

"Also we pray for those 100,000 who spilled that life blood and left a piece of their soul on this battlefield. Amen."

Featured Image Credit: morbidful/X

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