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Man asked people aged 60-90 what advice they'd give their younger selves and there was one common theme

Man asked people aged 60-90 what advice they'd give their younger selves and there was one common theme

Although, one bloke did say something very different

“Back when I was your age…” tends to cause at least one roll of the eyes or sigh of boredom. Maybe you’ve got stuck at the family dinner with that uncle who always tells you about how he used to walk everywhere, no matter how far.

Or perhaps you’re stuck in an unescapable chat with your next door neighbour about the problems with social media nowadays.

But no matter how patronising what follows can sometimes feel, there are occasions when the second part of the phrase is actually useful to hear.

Because let’s face it, those of older generations have lived through a lot more than we have and can therefore teach us a lot.

And while one bloke went about asking people aged 70-80 what their biggest regret was, another asked those aged 60-90 what advice they’d give their younger selves.

They have some useful advice. (TikTok/@sprouht)
They have some useful advice. (TikTok/@sprouht)

Despite the wide age range, there was one common theme in people’s answers.

‘Sprouht’ aims to teach people how to live a more fulfilling life and shares content from speaking with older generations to social media.

And when he asked a 95-year-old bloke what advice he’d give to his younger self, the answer was pretty clear: “Try to be as positive as you can, because tomorrow is going to be a better day, unless you make it a worse day."

There was a common theme. (TikTok/@sprouht)
There was a common theme. (TikTok/@sprouht)

Wheeling back a few decades, a 64-year-old man said his advice would be: “Don’t really take things as seriously as you should. Because, over the last 30 or 40 years, I’ve had a lot of my friends die, get diseases, accidents – you don’t know when it’s going to end.

“So, relax, enjoy life.”

And similarly, a couple, both aged 79, shared their advice: “You’ll only regret in life things you didn’t do, not the things you did do even if they didn’t turn out just as you hoped.”

Yeah, some similar vibes going on here for sure.

A 70-year-old woman summed it up when she said: “Don’t worry so much,” and a 73-year-old bloke echoed: “Enjoy it, live life.”

And a 94-year-old lady also said: “Don’t dwell on the negative, it’s not necessary.”

Pretty much, all the people featured in the videos give the advice of enjoying your life and simply just not worrying too much about the small stuff.

Although, a 98-year-old bloke did say: “I don’t want to give anybody any advice.

“They’ll get it themselves.”

Well, tie that in with the other advice and you might be saying the same thing when you’re nearly 100 lads.

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