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American has ‘wtf’ reaction to UK driving theory questions

American has ‘wtf’ reaction to UK driving theory questions

This theory question left one American stumped

There are few things in life quite as nerve wracking as a driving test.

But it's not just being behind the wheel can make you feel jittery - the theory test can be just as daunting.

So how would an American feel if they had to take on a British driving theory test?

One American who is living in Edinburgh has pointed out one bizarre question that was posed in the test.

TikToker @ed_in_burgh took to the video platform to share his weird discovery with his followers.

He said: "Some of them [the questions] are no-brainers and some of them are 'What the f**k country did I just move to?'"

Turning his camera to face the laptop, he showed viewers the question that had been put to him.

It read: "What should you do if you're passing loose sheep on the road?

"The options were - 'Briefly sound your horn', 'Go very slowly', 'Pass quickly but quietly', 'Herd them to the side of the road'."

Alongside the question was a photo of some sheep milling around on a country road.

Ed remarked: "I love the idea of having to stop your car, get out in the Scottish rain and herd the sheep to the side of the road.

"Quickly get back into it before they block your way."

A familiar scenario if you've ever travelled through the British countryside.

Given that he'd had so much driving experience in his native US, Ed was stunned he'd never encountered such a question before.

He said: "I'm sorry, I'm a licensed driver in Los Angeles.

"I've been driving on the LA freeways for 15 years. I did not know that livestock questions were a thing.

"I did not know that livestock were something you could encounter on the roads.

"That's on me, because now that I think about it, obviously. Scotland is 90 percent sheep."

That's an unfair exaggeration - that is much more applicable to Wales at any rate.

What about the Highland cows? Don't they deserve a shoutout?

Anyhow, it's nice that the DVLA are so big on keeping animals safe on the road.

And in case you are wondering what the answer is, it's go very slowly as not to scare the animals.

And viewers shared their experiences with livestock in the comments section of Ed's video.

This American was left baffled by the sheep question.

One wrote: "I've only been driving in the UK two years and I've encountered the sheep scenario three times."

Sounds like a run of baa-d luck.

While another commented: "Wild boar and deer in the Forest of Dean. Sheep and wild ponies in rural Wales.

"The list is endless here."

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Ed_In_Burgh