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American's trying chippy tea for first time baffled at how to eat it

American's trying chippy tea for first time baffled at how to eat it

Apparently the traditional British staple is like 'Christmas'

Americans trying a chippy tea for the first time were left completely confused on how to eat it after it was presented to them wrapped in paper. You can see how they get on here:

Jimbo and Jackie, from the Jimbo and Jackie Show on YouTube, were trying the British delicacy for the first time during a trip to the UK.

But they were left wondering 'how do you eat this?' after taking their seat at the table at Birmingham’s family-run chippy, the Egghill Fish Bar.

Luckily for Jimbo and Jackie, a Brit named Monica was on hand to show them the ropes as they began unwrapping their chippy tea.

Jimbo and Jackie were excited to try fish and chips for the first time.
YouTube/ Jimbo and Jackie's Bonus Content

Filming their experience, the pair looked excited as they started handing out the fish and chips.

“Let’s celebrate our time here in the UK,” shouted Jimbo as his dining guests screamed “Yay!”

He added: “Let’s see these beautiful fish and chips they speak of from the chippy,” before saying “it’s like Christmas” as he unwrapped his dinner parcel.

Not used to the way the traditional chippy tea is served, the duo cackled at the table, finding it hilarious that condiments came in polystyrene cups.

In the hilarious clip, Jackie then asks: “So how do you exactly eat this?” looking around the table confused.

Monica takes charge, showing them how to pour on their various sauces – ketchup, curry sauce and tartar – before picking up a chip with her fingers and popping it into her mouth.

The pair were left baffled at how to eat their meal.
YouTube/ Jimbo and Jackie's Bonus Content

Trying it for themselves, Jimbo and Jackie appeared very impressed.

“Heaven!” Jimbo repeatedly shouted around the table before adding that it’s 'almost as good as the [British] tea'.

Jackie gave it a chef’s kiss saying her meal was 'delicious', and Jimbo told his followers: “It’s beyond delicious, you have to get down here to the UK and have the chippys with us”.

Commenting on the video a fellow American said: “That looks delicious! We need curry sauce in the USA!”

But one Brit wasn’t so impressed with the way Monica was telling the social media duo how to eat their chippy tea.

Jimbo and Jackie were very impressed with their chippy tea.
YouTube/ Jimbo and Jackie's Bonus Content

“We usually have just salt and vinegar on the chippy (Manchester). Ketchup, curry, gravy etc should be tested before using because its individual taste. I dunno, I feel like she shouldn't have told them to squirt the ketchup all over chippy like that,” they wrote.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, the owner of Egghill Fish Bar, Savva, said he wasn’t expecting a visit from the pair.

“They came in out of the blue one day after one of our regulars recommended us,” he said.

“It was great to see their reactions. We work hard and we're very happy with our product – we source everything the way we like it. Our chippy has been in the family for 35 years.”

Featured Image Credit: Jimbo and Jackie's Bonus Content/YouTube

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