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Boy's Incredible Reaction Shows Just What To Do When Being Stalked By A Bear

Boy's Incredible Reaction Shows Just What To Do When Being Stalked By A Bear

The youngster was hiking with his family in Italy when he was quickly stopped in his tracks by the wild animal

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This incredible video shows what anyone should do if they're ever unfortunate enough to have an encounter with a grizzly bear:

The 12-year-old boy was hiking in Italy with his family when he came across the wild animal and showed us all how to react.

In the terrifying clip, which was filmed last year, the boy managed to remain calm as his mum and her boyfriend tell him not to panic. He nervously walks down the hill as the animal stands metres behind him.

He's told 'Come Ale', by his mum's partner who is believed to be filming the terrifying moment, as per La Voce del Trentino. Following the instructions, the boy walks towards his family, making as little movement as possible.

As the boy turns to check on the bear, it stands on its hind legs and the boy calls for his mum before the animal turns its attention to a nearby bush.

The boy managed to stay calm.

The video was posted on to Twitter and people have praised the boy for his bravery. One wrote: "Of course seeing it for the first time and so big maybe I would still be running... congratulations for the calm."

Another added: "Really congratulations to Alessandro and to you for the calm. I fear that 'normal', therefore instinctive, behavior would have compromised everything."

A third commented: "Seeing him in the wild makes an impression! Congratulations to the little one for the courage."

Someone who didn't react quite as calmly was Jared Smith who was out on Broads Fork Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah, when he was joined by a cougar.

FOX 13

It proceeded to tail him for the next five minutes, with Jared trying to appear both big and calm as he backpedalled and repeatedly said: "I'm going away, I promise I'm not going to bug you."

Recounting what went down, Jared told FOX 13: "I was running back down the trail and was probably about a mile from getting back to the parking lot when I heard something off to the side of the trail and looked and there was a cougar oh probably 15-20 feet away from me... definitely startled me.

"Periodically the cougar would pounce and was baring it's teeth and kick its legs and its tail up, almost like a little sprint right at me.

"If you watch the full video you can see my voice kind of crack at those points in time because it scared me."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@loriscalliari

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