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Dog Has Waited At A Hospital For Four Months After Owner Died

Dog Has Waited At A Hospital For Four Months After Owner Died

Hospital staff tried to rehouse the pooch at a nearby kennel but it escaped and ran back to the medical facility

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There's an episode in Futurama that can melt even the steeliest of hearts. It shows Fry and his beloved dog, Seymour, being the best of friends, until the red-haired LAD gets cryogenically frozen, leaving the pooch to sit and wait for him every day in the same spot until he dies.

Well my friends, this is currently happening IRL.

In late October, an unnamed person, who was reportedly homeless, was stabbed and taken to Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in São Paolo, Brazil. It's reported that the dog followed the ambulance all the way to the medical facility, desperate to stay with its owner.

Sadly, the person died. However, the canine hasn't moved from the hospital entrance for four months, obviously thinking the handler is still alive.

Cristine Sardella has written on Facebook: "We have a lot to learn from animals. This dog stays every day at the door of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte waiting for its owner who unfortunately passed away.

Cristine Sardella/Facebook

"Waiting for him is in vain, but the love he nurtures for the owner is eternal."

The Independent reports a nearby kennel was willing to take the dog in, but once it was settled, it broke out and returned to the hospital. We honestly don't' deserve dogs.

It's similar to a pooch seen in India, which has been captured rocking up to the same train station in Mumbai around 11pm for the past two months.

The animal waits for a train to arrive and then seemingly looks for someone to get off. When the person it's looking for doesn't come, the train departs the station and the dog runs after it.

It's sparked speculation that the dog is looking for a long-lost owner.

Local Sameer Thorat captured the footage and told the Mumbai Mirror: "I spotted the dog while returning from work.

"The way it waits for the late-night trains and tries to peek inside the ladies coach, it seems it is searching for a particular person who either fed it regularly or left it behind."

A cobbler on the platform has also said: "The dog has been here for quite some time. But lately many people have been enquiring about it and taking its pictures and videos.

"It is not very active during the day, though on a few occasions, it has tried to chase morning trains."

Hopefully both these dogs find a happy ending because it's pretty heart breaking to see them without an owner.

Featured Image Credit: Cristine Sardella/Facebook

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