Stunned Family Spot Sharks Being Transported In Tank On Motorway

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Stunned Family Spot Sharks Being Transported In Tank On Motorway

A family in the US were stunned when they noticed a shark tank being transported on the motorway. Watch here:


Julie Kang and her family were driving along the I-895 in Maryland, Baltimore, when they clocked the sharks swimming about in a tank in the lane next to them.

Naturally, Julie uploaded the video to TikTok and added that interminable Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do etc song. The clip went viral, racking up more than 7.6 million views.


Commenting on the video, one person joked: "Hopefully that truck won't be driving anywhere near a tornado."

Another added: "Amazon really be stepping their game up."

A third said: "Female shark: We've been driving for hours Hank are you sure we don't need to stop and ask for DIRECTIONS.

"Male shark: "Damnit Ethel I'm not stopping."


You get the idea.

It hasn't been confirmed where exactly Hank and Ethel were heading, though Baltimore is home to the National Aquarium.

One commenter claimed it was her cousin transporting them to SC Aquarium (South Carolina), so if she's right it seems Ethel had a long drive ahead of her yet.


Sharks are of course accustomed to getting about at high speed, and last month, drone footage captured a great white shark swimming at a fair lick.

The footage was filmed by photographer Matt Larmand at Capo Beach, California, and he said the shark was swimming at a speed of 20mph - minimum.

Larmand told For the Win: "He was going at least 20mph. I was going full throttle on the drone trying to catch up to him.

"I'm not sure what triggered him to burst into speed like that; I've never seen one do that."

It was a speedy boy. Credit: Matt Larmand
It was a speedy boy. Credit: Matt Larmand

Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at California State University, told the news outlet that the shark was most likely spooked after spotting the drone's shadow.

He explained: "This response to the shadow of the drone supports one reason why they hang out in shallow waters.

"They don't know what is a threat and the safest behaviour is to flee when they experience something unknown.


"What's also interesting is that babies will exhibit this rapid flight in one direction, while older sharks will do a loop around when scared.

"This doubling back on a potential threat is a typical predator behaviour to prevent a rear attack."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@juliekang8

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