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Family terrified after spotting chilling detail in beach photo

Family terrified after spotting chilling detail in beach photo

The chilling photo is still unsolved to this day.

We all enjoy a bit of fun in the sun, however, one family were left terrified after topping up their tan Down Under.

Everyone loves a good beach trip - given that the weather is perfect, of course.

I mean, nobody wants a wet day out do they?

And that's probably what this family expected when out of the day off the coast of Melbourne, Australia.

Unaware of the potential dangers around them, the family had spent hours enjoying themselves in the water.

However, they might now think twice about revisiting the beach though after the images they'd snapped on the day.

In what looks like a completely innocent-looking photo, can you spot what lurks beneath?

The chilling details will only be spotted by the snappiest of readers.
Facebook/Chelsea SES

Of course, most people will focus on the father and daughter in the foreground enjoying some time together on a perfect summer's day.

However, if you look past that wholesome moment, you’ll see what appears to be a shark fin. Yikes.

Taken in early 2023 at Carrum Beach, Australia, the photo has once again gone viral as people argue about the potential predator.

Originally uploaded by Chelsea SES’s Facebook page, the search and rescue group had warned locals about the possible danger in the area.

They wrote: "Yesterday we posted about a shark sighting, just off the beach, between Bonbeach and Chelsea.

"Well later, we received a message from a family, who follow our page, who were at Carrum Beach, earlier in the morning.

"It was their little one's first visit to the beach, and the gentleman’s partner grabbed a couple of snaps to record the day.

The post concluded: "Later, when they got home, and looked at the pictures, they noticed something in the shallow water, just behind them, was this our shark?"

However, not everyone was convinced that the family had a close encounter with Jaws.

In fact, one user argued whether a shark would be able to come so close to the shore.

The family played unaware of the potential predator.
Facebook/Chelsea SES

They wrote: “Looks a bit shallow for a shark that would have a fin that size judging by where the dog and guy to the left is standing. Wouldn’t the other guy behind them have noticed?"

Another added: “Couldn’t be a very big one, given the size of the dog and the depth of the water."

However, others weren’t so ready to dismiss the shark sighting.

"I agree that it can't be discounted - but it's highly unlikely that a shark cruising in the shallows would not be seen and those in the photo not aware,” a third user commented.

Tourists should be aware though that it’s not unheard of for sharks to swim along the shoreline.

In fact, one British family were similarly shocked when they noticed a shark off the coast of Spain last year.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Chelsea SES

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