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Woman who had sex with 300 people in a year says it's 'not fair' that she gets judged

Woman who had sex with 300 people in a year says it's 'not fair' that she gets judged

She hit out at a double standard between the way men and women are judged.

A woman who slept with 300 people last year said it was 'just not fair' to receive the amount of hate she did over it.

Australian woman Annie Knight said that during the span of a single year, she had sex with a total of 300 people - including five in one day once - and felt like she found it empowering.

After that, she set herself the challenge of going on a date at least once a week after being single for three years, though she found it a bit difficult as she'd already been catfished a few times.

In an appearance on Love Don't Judge, Annie said she was unbothered about the negative reactions but thought there was an unfair double standard between the way men and women who had lots of sex were viewed.

"I'm Annie, people judge me because I slept with 300 people last year but I don't care," she said in a segment on the show.

"I've had very mixed reactions to my sleeping with 300 people in a year.

"Some people have been super supportive, like 'go girl, you do you, slay'.


"And then I've had the majority of people judging me, saying that I'm riddled with STIs. That I'm not safe and that I'm disgusting."

Despite this she said she wouldn't 'let the judgement I get online bother me that much' and took aim at a 'stigma with women being sexual' which she thought she'd encountered.

She said: "There's definitely a stigma with women being sexual as opposed to men.

"I think people accept men as being sexual beings, whereas women are seen as non-sexual beings, which is incorrect."

Later on in the segment, she was chatting to a friend when she delved deeper into this topic and the abuse she'd received online for it.

She said: "What's the difference between a man sleeping with five people in a day and a woman sleeping with five people in a day?


"I don't understand why when a man does it, they celebrate it and call him a legend, but when a woman does it we're called names and ridiculed. It's just not fair."

Describing herself as 'Australia's most sexually active woman', Annie said she was earning around $250,000 a month from adult content.

As for why she was still single and trying to go on more dates, she said she went on six in a row that were 'all immediate nos for me' which led to her taking a break.

She said: “I have only just started dating again but the reason I'm single is, it's find to hard a guy who ticks all my boxes.

"Which is honestly crazy because the boxes are very basic."

However, a potential partner would also have to agree to do videos with her.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Love Don’t Judge

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