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‘Final twist’ after furious couple complained that winning $4.2 million home was a ‘nightmare’

‘Final twist’ after furious couple complained that winning $4.2 million home was a ‘nightmare’

The drama continues

An Australian couple who were furious after winning an AUS$4.2 million home have gone viral online, and now there's been a 'final twist' in the saga.

If you're not up to speed on this, over in Australia couple Kevin and Andrea Griffin won a lottery set up by Adrian 'Lambo Guy' Portelli for a 'fully furnished' mansion in Gisborne, north of Melbourne.

'Lambo Guy' had bought the house at an auction and made it his top prize in the lottery he was running.

That lottery was won by the Griffin couple who expected to be moving into a 'fully furnished' mansion only to be left furious after getting the keys and finding plenty of items missing from the place.

The couple accused Portelli of talking about AUS$100,000 worth of things from the home and claim to have CCTV footage of him taking a robotic lawnmower, treadmill, Smeg appliances and a BBQ smoker.

The couple sent 'Lambo Guy' Portelli a bill for everything which had been taken from the mansion they'd won.
Adrian Portelli/Facebook

In addition to this they say they've got a website called 'Our LCMT Nightmare' ready to launch if he doesn't pay what they're asking.

While they've issued him with a bill for all the things they believe shouldn't have been removed from the house, Portelli argues that the items were there for the promotional video and weren't part of the prize that was the house.

'Lambo Guy' announced he plans to sell off what was taken from the house and give the proceeds to the homeless.
Adrian Portelli/Facebook

Now there's been a 'final twist' as according to all the things removed from the house are going to be part of an auction held by Portelli.

He said 'we want it to go to someone that is going to be grateful and deserving', adding that the proceeds would be going to the homeless.

In his announcement he revealed that the pile of items removed from the $4.2 million mansion was available and 'someone’s going to win it for $1'.

Among the items that someone's going to win are the aforementioned bits of gear the Griffins wanted back in the house and a wine fridge.

Portelli said: "On a positive note, I’m going to give AU $100,000 to homeless people all across Australia.

"Also we are going to give away all the Block stuff that we ‘took’ – for AUS$1 dollar. And all that money, 100 percent, is going to homeless people as well.

"I’m sure there’s a ton of homeless people at the moment that would die for a $4.25 million house and a roof over their heads."

In another video he said the couple were 'ungrateful' and claimed that 'they want to shred bits off ya' if you were successful.

“Let’s try help out as many people as possible.”

Featured Image Credit: LMCT+/Instagram

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