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Ski resort visitor’s lost phone exposes bizarre embarrassing checklist

Ski resort visitor’s lost phone exposes bizarre embarrassing checklist

Visiting the Aussie snow destination, this owner might regret dropping their phone

I think everyone can admit that opening our phone's note page is a bit like Pandora's box. What will you find? A rogue shopping list, a random gym routine or an out-of-context note to self that makes no sense anymore.

But very rarely would we put these lists on our lock screen – unless it’s something we really need to remember.

And it seems one pretty odd list was very important to someone after it was shared online by someone who had picked up the lost phone.

A ski resort visitor in Australia left behind their black Samsung Galaxy S20, and the phone was handed in at the booking office at Perisher Ski Resort’s Front Valley in Kosciuszko National Park.

The internet was in stitches.

So, in the hope to find the owner, they shared a snap of the lock screen to social media.

But that lock screen revealed a bizarre checklist of eight goals for the owner.

The list included some health-related targets, such as ‘get jacked and be 87kgs’ and ‘quit all nicotine’.

The lock screen revealed the user's goals.

Other goals were more materialistic, including ‘have 25,000$ in bank account’ and to have a motorbike. As well as a rather respectable goal to 'get good marks at uni'.

But other goals were slightly odder, from ‘getting better at fighter’ to ‘don’t get haircut for three months’.

And then maybe the most embarrassing one to have posted publicly on Facebook: “Have three girls on roster.”

Shared on the Perisher Snow Lovers group on the social media site, users unsurprisingly ran with the list, making jokes about the phone’s owner.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’d want to admit to it being mine after this.

Accompanying snaps of the phone, the caption read: “Phone found halfway down Front Valley, handed into the booking office. Good luck on your goals.”

It's snow season for many Aussies.
Keith McInnes Photography / Getty Images

One user commented: “I’d be almost embarrassed to claim the lost phone… almost.”

Another had a suggestion for the owner’s ninth goal: “Zip phone in pocket so I don’t lose it otherwise I won’t have a way to check Perisher Snow Lovers to see if someone finds it, unveiling my life goals to the world.”

And one brutally wrote: “$25K and have three girls on roster lol tell him he’s dreaming.”

However, others did praise the phone’s owner for their eight goals, writing: “They are phenomenal goals, nothing to be embarrassed about here.”

Perisher Ski Resort in New South Wales is a popular destination during snow season, and they’ve recorded four centimetres of snowfall in the last week.

You’ve just got to hope while you’re gliding down the snow you don’t drop your goals.

Featured Image Credit: Keith McInnes Photography / Getty Images / Facebook

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