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Ariana Grande Will Return To Manchester For A Benefit Concert

Ariana Grande Will Return To Manchester For A Benefit Concert

The American singer, Ariana Grande, will return to Manchester for a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the attack on Monday night.

Ariana had only just finished her concert at the Manchester Arena when a suicide bomber took the lives of 22 innocent people and injured dozens more.


In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Ariana flew back to America to be with her family. There have been rumours since the event that she would offer a donation to families of the victims towards their funeral.

Now, the singer has gone a step further. An even better step. She'll perform a benefit concert with all the money raised going towards the families of the 22 victims of the attack.

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In her first full statement since Monday, on her twitter page, Ariana said: "My heart, prayers and deepest condolences are with the victims of the Manchester attack and their loved ones.


"There is nothing I or anyone can do to take away the pain you are feeling or to make this better. However, I extend my hand and heart and everything I possible can give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way."

Since Monday, we have learned the heart-breaking stories of each of the 22 people killed by Salman Abedi, the Manchester-born suicide bomber. These included: eight-year-old girl Saffie-Rose Roussos, 29-year-old Martyn Hett who was due to travel to America this week, and parents who were there to collect their children from the concert.

Since then, Manchester has stood defiant, determined not to be defeated by the event which shook the city. The spirit of Manchester has lived on through its heroes evident in the aftermath.

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Credit: PA

She continued in her heartfelt statement: "The compassion, kindness, love, strength and oneness that you've shown one another this past week is the exact opposite of the heinous intentions it must take to pull off something as even as what happened Monday.

"I am sorry for the pain and fear that you must be feeling and for the trauma that you, too, must be experiencing.

"We will not quit or operate in fear. We won't let this divide us. We won't let hate win."

Ariana then stated that she'll return to the city: "I'll be returning to the incredibly brave city of Manchester to spend time with my fans and to have a benefit concert in honour of and to raise money for the victims and their families."

She thanked fellow musicians and friends for reaching out in this difficult time and said that details will be released at a later date.

"Music is something that everyone on Earth can share. Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy," she added.

"We will continue in honour of the ones we lost, their loved ones, my fans and all affected by this tragedy.

"They will be on my mind and in my heart everyday and I will think of them with everything I do for the rest of my life."

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