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Blind mystic Baba Vanga made chilling prediction for 2025

Blind mystic Baba Vanga made chilling prediction for 2025

Long-dead Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga said we're in for a rocky few centuries

The blind mystic Baba Vanga made a chilling prediction for 2025.

Having died a hot minute ago in 1996, the Bulgarian soothsayer’s predictions are whole-heartedly believed by many with a huge number of her claims outliving her for quite some time.

With some of those including a huge economic crisis and an assassination this year and one of her most extreme being less than half a century away, she reckoned something pretty dark will happen next year.

Because, apparently, it’s going to be the end of the world as we know it.

Baba Vanga made claims to outlive her for a long time. (Facebook)
Baba Vanga made claims to outlive her for a long time. (Facebook)

Yep, according to various reports, Baba Vanga claimed that the end of the world will all kick off in 2025. I mean, it is important to point out that there isn’t actually full official recordings of the Bulgarian clairvoyant’s predictions and their accuracy with some thinking it's all a conspiracy.

However, people really do believe what she had to say so if you’re going to take it on, be warned that the apocalypse is allegedly said to start in 2025.

Although, there’s some good news on that, humanity won’t actually be wiped out until 5079 she reckoned – so it's a pretty drawn out apocalypse

So, her apparent timeline for the end of humanity will begin next year when a conflict in Europe devastates the continent’s population.

Then, in 2028, humans will begin to explore Venus as an energy source as a bit of a backup for life.

Thing will take a turn in 2033 when she claimed the polar ice caps will melt and raise the world’s sea levels to drastic levels.

After predictions of communism spreading across the globe and humans making alien contact, she claimed Earth would then be devastated by a drought in 2170.

She reckons the planet will be evacuated. (Getty stock)
She reckons the planet will be evacuated. (Getty stock)

Fast forward again to 3005 and after that contact with the other, our planet will go to war with a civilisation over on Mars – human or not.

Our species will then end up evacuating in Earth in 3797 apparently, by which point she believed it would be uninhabitable.

All of those dark claims would then lead to the ultimate end of the world in 5079.


I mean, remember 2012? Plenty of us were walking the school halls in fear that it was all going to end on 21 December as some claimed the Mayan tribe had predicted the end of the world with their calendar cutting off.

Many of Baba Vangas haven’t come to pass mind, but some believe she predicted the 2004 Thailand tsunami, Barack Obama’s presidency, the breakup of the Soviet Union and East and West Germany's reunification.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Getty stock

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