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BBC presenter stunned as England Women's World Cup supporter shouts 'f**k the Tories' live on air

BBC presenter stunned as England Women's World Cup supporter shouts 'f**k the Tories' live on air

The flustered presenter quickly tried to rectify the situation after the bloke shared his political opinion

A flustered BBC presenter was forced to apologise to everyone watching the live coverage of the Women's World Cup after a fan shouted 'f**k the tories' right in front of the camera.

Don't you just love football? The sport really brings people together, and I'm not just talking about fans of the game.

In this case, it also brought one critic of the Conservative Party together with all of the other critics out there thanks to his very public declaration, which has now, unsurprisingly, gone viral.

Joe Inwood was forced to act fast after the outburst.

The spontaneous moment took place as fans were celebrating England's incredible 6-1 win over China today (1 August) as the Women's World Cup gets underway in Australia and New Zealand.

The result means England took the top spot in Group D and successfully secured a clash against Nigeria next Monday (8 August) in the last 16, and one BBC presenter caught the aftermath of the celebrations as he reported on the result live from London.

Presenter Joe Inwood was walking around the Boxpark venue where fans can watch the games live on TV screens, and as he did he was approached by a fan who was clearly delighted over England's success.

He arrived on camera singing with glee, and after gaining the presenter's trust by making him laugh the bloke decided to use his opportunity on live TV to share some political opinions.

Loud and proud, he declared: "F**k the Tories!"

The man was more than happy to make his voice heard.

While a lot of people might agree with him, obviously that's not the sort of language that should be airing live on TV - especially not before the watershed.

As a result, Inwood quickly became flustered and attempted to regain control of the situation, shouting 'oh!' and moving out of the way of the man to make sure he was no longer on screen.

"I'm so so- I do apologise about that, I'm sorry about that," the presenter said quickly.

The Tory-hating man, however, definitely didn't seem like the type to be sorry about what he'd said, and his confidence in his declaration has resulted in a lot of praise online.

"A hero walks amongst us," one person responded after seeing the clip, while another added: "Who is this man? What a f***ing treasure."

Viewers have decided the man needs a pint.

Other viewers have demanded that the man be given a pint immediately for speaking his mind, though I'm not sure Inwood would necessarily agree.

After the footage went viral, the presenter shared the clip himself and wrote: "Joking aside, these things can and do happen when broadcasting live. Not much to be done, other than apologise and move on."

Inwood added that it was 'amusing' that the man was 'the worst behaved person at the match', rather than any of the young kids at the venue that day.

All in all, Inwood did handle the situation as best he could - there was no way he could have stopped the man before he got started. He hates the Tories, and he wants the world to know it.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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