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Bloke Gets Tesco Clubcard Tattooed On Arm So He Never Misses A Bargain

Bloke Gets Tesco Clubcard Tattooed On Arm So He Never Misses A Bargain

The man from Sussex was getting sick of missing out on the supermarket's deals

Sick of forgetting his Tesco Clubcard every time he goes to the shop, one man has come up with a way to ensure he never leaves it at home again - by getting its QR code tattooed on his wrist.

Dean Mayhew, 30, paid £200 for a permanent tattoo of his Clubcard's QR code at A Star Tattoos in Chessington, south-west London, last Saturday (July 16).

Dean now has his card on him at all times to ensure he'll never miss out on the supermarket's range of discounts and deals.

In a video that's since gone viral on TikTok, tattoo artist Dan Rossetter is seen stencilling the code onto a sheet of paper before transferring it on to Dean's wrist.

The tattooist is then seen working carefully with his needle to replicate the intricate code, in the hope that they'll be able to scan it at Tesco.

Dean Mayhew spent £200 for a permanent tattoo of his Tesco Club Card QR code.
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Ingenious or stupid? Only one way to find out.

In the video, both Dean and Dan head out to the nearest local Tesco shop and attempt to buy cookies using the code. Unfortunately in this instance the angle is too odd and Dean can't quite bend his arm enough to make the code scan.

It looks like failure, but then when they try their luck with the cashier, he's able to scan the tattooed Clubcard.

TikTok users have been left impressed by the tattoo so expect to see some copycats - and depending on how many different discount cards someone owns a couple of armfuls of QR codes in the near future.

Dean's tattoo was a replica of the Clubcard's QR Code.

One said: "Late game capitalism," as another joked: "@Tesco you've got to change his membership number."

A third added: "That's brilliant," while a fourth wrote: "F*****g class."

Talking about his unusual ink, Dean said he now uses it all the time: "I'm chuffed, I love it and use it all the time. I use it every morning when I go to Tesco before work.

"I used it this morning. It's one of those things where I get to see peoples faces and make them smile."

He's even becoming a minor celebrity thanks to the ink.

"One lady giggled and asked me for a photo" he admitted.

The self-checkout machine didn't recognise it but the cashier did.

Dean insisted that it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. "I've wanted to do it for ages, about three months I've been thinking about it" he said.

"I just thought it would be funny.

"They're (cashiers) just stunned and look at me and say 'that's not real' and I say it is.

"I just thought it is what it is, even if it didn't work it still looks alright."

We'll leave that up to your judgement.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Astardan

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