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Aussie Bloke Gets His Woolworths Rewards Card Tattooed On His Arm And It Works

Aussie Bloke Gets His Woolworths Rewards Card Tattooed On His Arm And It Works

This man has gone viral on TikTok for his extravagant Woolies 'tattoo hack', with his ink actually scanning on the system.

One shopper has taken his love for The Fresh Food People to the next level by tattooing his Woolworths Rewards Card on his arm.

A video of a shopper has gone viral on social media after he showed off his fresh ink while also proving that his tattoo actually works on the scanner.

In the clip, TikTok user Ralph Rivera grabs himself a bottle of sugarless Sprite.

Not wanting to let the potential points from his $1.95 purchase go to waste, he proceeded to lean over the sensor with his left arm.

He exclaims ‘Ah see’, seemingly proving a point to his friend, after the machine registered the card.

The system proceeded to say: “Your Everyday Rewards Card has been added.”

Could it possibly be the most practical tattoo of all time? I mean, who actually wants to go through the whole ordeal of reaching for the wallet, to grab a plastic card to subsequently scan said card?

Just a complete waste of time if you ask me. Why not just commit to the ink like this man instead?

The ‘tattoo hack’ has left plenty of users stunned, with one user joking: “I’m getting one.”

Another said: “How dedicated to Woolworths are you?”

Meanwhile, another user questioned the placement and comfortability of the tattoo.

They said: “Could of at least put the tattoo in a place that doesn’t dislocate your arm using it.”

Bruce Palme / Alamy

Other users seemed to want to put a damper on the party by calling out the impracticality of the joke.

One said: “I just use my apple wallet but ok.”

Another pointed out the fact that the man might need a touch up to the tattoo in a few years time, saying: “Too bad the Rewards Card numbers change every few years.”

Clearly jealous of the man’s innovative genius.

Even Nando’s Australia wanted in on the idea, saying: “We need this with our PERi-Perks barcode.”

Perhaps this is simply the beginning, and this man is leading the way to a future where reward cards will only be offered as tattoos, and we will no longer have to carry around those pesky wallets. 

One can dream of such a future. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ralphrivera247

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