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Bodysurfer gets trapped inside flooding cave with no escape and continues filming fearing he'll die

Bodysurfer gets trapped inside flooding cave with no escape and continues filming fearing he'll die

A bodysurfer lived to tell the tale of when he was stuck inside a cave with no escape after being wiped out by a wave.

In terrifying footage, a bodysurfer captured the moment he got stuck inside a flooding cave with no escape.

Ahmed Erraji - who goes by the name of ‘Hijo del Mar' on YouTube - feared for his life when the strong current took him into the cave.

Erraji is a bodysurfer from the Spanish island of Lanzarote who was out surfing when he got into a bit of difficulty.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Erraji was wiped out and was sucked into a cave where he was stuck. Watch it below:

The only way for him to get out of the cave was through this tiny hole that was often covered by a strong wave.

From the video, he attempted to make strides towards the exit, but was pushed two steps back because of how strong the current is.

There are even some instances where the cave terrifyingly goes to complete darkness as a wave has entirely covered it.

While being bashed onto the rocks, the man took deeps breathes when he can.

Fearing for his life, the bodysurfer had tears in his eyes as he realises he may not make it - but the tiny hole provided a little bit of hope.

The waves covered the entire cave at times.

And finally, after over two hours, Erraji realised the tide was out enough for him to swim 'carefully' towards the hole.

But he had to be careful as he knew the conditions could be a lot worse outside, so he was not out of the woods just yet.

He successfully got out of the cave but quickly realised that only cliffs are behind him, so he needed to jump into the water immediately.

The bodysurfer did so just before the next crashing wave hits, and he starts to swim back to shore.

The cave he had exited was still over a mile away from shore and following a near life death experience, that sounds like a mammoth task.

But fortunately, the man made it back to land in one piece and lived to tell the tale.

The bodysurfer lived to tell the tale.

In the caption to the video he posted to YouTube, Erraji summed the experience up with a meaningful quote.

He said: "Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. Just Breath, hope, be patience...and especially the will to live, to feel, to be. Real footage, real story."

It seems danger follows the bodysurfer around, as a post to his Instagram account shows how close he was to an encounter with a shark.

Featured Image Credit: @hijodelmar2500/YouTube

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