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'Boyfriend Air' problem affecting women will be on another level this Valentine's Day

'Boyfriend Air' problem affecting women will be on another level this Valentine's Day

According to TikTok, it's a thing.

The most romantic day of the year is finally upon us, but if you're feeling bad about being single, worry not - at least you're not affected by 'Boyfriend Air'.

The phenomenon has been doing the rounds on TikTok, and it centres around a peculiar smell you might notice if you have a partner.

So what's Boyfriend Air? Well, it appears when you spend too much time with your partner and end up smelling and looking a bit icky.

While you might think this phenomenon is the result of having too much fun getting down and dirty, it's actually more of a process of osmosis.

In a nutshell, 'Boyfriend Air' is created by a less-than-sanitary partner - literally - rubbing off their nastiness on their girlfriend.

One woman said she thought she was 'going crazy' when she noticed her hygiene standards slipping, despite her best efforts to stay spick and span at her boyfriend's.

"I remember taking a full body shower, and the next morning waking up and being like, 'I feel so dirty'," Taylor Donoghuee, 22, said in a now-viral video.

One victim of 'Boyfriend Air' said she thought she was going crazy at first.

But TikTok showed her that she was far from the first woman to notice their hair, skin and more going downhill after staying with their boyfriend.

"[Boyfriend Air] is a thing because it was only in his apartment that I would feel this way," she continued, stressing that she only felt this way when she was with her partner.

Reacting to Taylor's video, another TikToker speculated: "its cause [your boyfriend] keeps touching your face and your hair [sic]."

"I look so much better at my house LOL [sic]," added a second.

"It's like camping. You're not truly clean," wrote a third while a fourth remarked: "My bf is super clean and I still feel the ick living together."

"Feel like it's because of the hormones our bodies [release] when we're around someone we're romantically and sexually attracted to," speculated a fifth.

However, not everyone believes in the phenomenon and others have said that if happens, your partner probably needs to up his hygiene game.

There's apparently a downside to getting up close and personal with a partner.
Alamy / fStop Images GmbH

"He def just doesn't wash his sheets [sic]," wrote another TikTok user, while a second added: "I don't know about y'all but not my man."

"I have to stop listening to these vids," said a third. "My sense of reality is declining."

So, if you're lamenting your single status this Valentine's Day, don't feel so bad - you probably smell better than those affected by Boyfriend Air.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@taylordonoghuee / Chris Rout / Alamy

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