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Ghost Blamed For Disappearance Of Two Women After Haunting Creepy Abandoned Tube Station

Ghost Blamed For Disappearance Of Two Women After Haunting Creepy Abandoned Tube Station

The British Museum station closed its doors in 1933

Thousands of people use London's tube system every day, but many may not know that along with all of the functioning stations are a number of stops that have been left abandoned.

The British Museum station is just one of the stops on the complex network of tube lines that has been left behind over the years, after first opening its doors in 1900.

It stood on the opposite side of High Holborn to where Holborn Tube station is now located, but the pair couldn't be connected due to tunnel alignment problems.

As only one could stay, the British Museum station shut in 1933 and Holborn officially became part of the Central line.

The abandoned tube station was located near the British Museum.
Marc Zakian/Alamy Stock Photo

Prior to shutting its doors, the British Museum station became the subject of rumours thanks to the artefacts and exhibitions held at the nearby British Museum.

People began to speculate that as the mummified remains of an Egyptian princess named Amun-Ra were being kept at the museum, the princess' undead spirit had started enjoying taking trips down to the tube station, with travellers claiming to see her spirit during their travels.

Admittedly I can't imagine anyone spending time in the underground tunnels without a desperate need to actually get somewhere, but Amun-Ra is said to have wandered around in a loincloth and a headdress, screaming in a horrifying wail down the tunnels.

Once the station closed its doors to the public, Amun-Ra is said to have moved on to the nearby Holborn station to continue her hauntings.

In 1935, a film titled Bulldog Jack was released and told of a fictional secret tunnel which ran from Holborn station straight to the Egyptian room at the British Museum.

On the same night the film was released, two women disappeared from the platform at Holborn and strange marks are said to have been later found on the walls, prompting rumours Amun-Ra may have been involved.

It's unclear what happened to the women, but we may never know for sure whether the princess had something to do with it.

Her apparent actions don't stop with the tube, as she has also been blamed for making visitors to her coffin feel unwell.

One man wrote to the museum claiming he had suffered cardiac pains after looking at her coffin, while the International Psychic Gazette claimed staff had been so concerned by her powers that they moved Amun-Ra's coffin to the basement and replaced it with a replica.

If the princess really was causing chaos, I doubt being moved downstairs would do much to stop her - it might even just infuriate her further.

Featured Image Credit: Bailey-Cooper Photography/Alamy Stock Photo/ Federico Fermeglia/Alamy Stock Photo

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