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Brits divided over nicknames being given to King’s Coronation after the ‘Platty Joobs’

Brits divided over nicknames being given to King’s Coronation after the ‘Platty Joobs’

King Charles III's Coronation place will take place on Saturday and people are coming up with some hilarious abbreviations.

The sheer joy most Brits got when King Charles III declared an extra bank holiday Monday for his Coronation has surely spilled over into the most ridiculous abbreviations.

Royal fans will be relieved to know that the ceremony is not too far away now as it's set to be held this weekend at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, 6 May.

The Palace said the Coronation will be 'rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry' but also 'reflect the monarch's role today and look towards the future'.

Charles is set to be anointed with holy oil, crowned with the majestic St Edward's Crown and blessed during the historic ceremony.

King Charles III will be coronated as King on Saturday in a traditional ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

If you do plan on giving it a watch on Saturday and if you happen to be 'struggling for ways to abbreviate the King's Coronation', then TikToker @joeefoster has you covered.

"To the Queen's Jubilee and everyone calling up the 'Platy Joobes', my brain chemistry altered forever so I just, I want to keep that going this year, I want to keep it going," he explained before getting into his list of ridiculous names.

Number one is 'Cory Bob', which he explained: "Is a spin on the classic 'Holly Bob'."

"You can add an 'S' on the end," he continued. "Use it in a sentence one two three, I'm on my 'Cory Bobs'."

His second phrase is 'Cory Nash', which 'simple rolls off the tongue', giving a ''Platy Joobe', 'Cory Nash' vibe'.

First there was 'Platty Joobs', and now there's... Cory Nash?

"I think that's going to be the winner," he admitted.

Joe then revealed his final word, and trust me - it's a cracker.

"Now, number three, slightly rogue, 'Chazzle Dazzle'," he said.

"Let's use it in a sentence. 'So oh, what time does the 'Chazzle Dazzle' start?' 'It starts at 11 o'clock'. Not sure I love it, but I could use."

To make things simple, here's a list of the abbreviates you can pick from:

Cory Bob

Cory Nash

Chazzle Dazzle

The Cozzy of King Chaz

Team Corribobs

Chaz’s Coz

King's Cozzy

Kingy Cozza

Hatty Newbs

Kings Corry surly

Corry norry

Brits have been debating over what to call the coronation weekend.
Royal Channel

Users in the comments have been left divided over which of his phrases are the best, with one person commenting: "Corrie Naish is the one."

Even Google's TikTok admin commented: "Corry Nash is really something."

But a third person argued: "king's corrie. easy."

As someone else went for a completely different direction, adding: "We are calling it the Corry Nay Nay in our house."

"Corry neigh neigh," a fourth person suggested, while a fifth revealed: "Me and my sister have been calling it the Corry C."

Another person was just so grateful for the video, and admitted: "I have really been struggling with this too thank you for asking the important questions!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joeefoster / Eddie Mulholland / WPA Pool / Shutterstock

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