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Model who had lip bitten off by dog shows off final surgery to face

Model who had lip bitten off by dog shows off final surgery to face

Brooklinn has been keeping fans updated since the accident in 2020

A 23-year-old model who had her top lip torn from her face in a dog attack has shown off the impressive results of what her surgeon hopes will be her final surgery.

Brooklinn Khoury, from Mission Viejo, California, has kept followers updated with her various procedures since the terrifying accident first took place in November 2020. See her most recent post below:

Doctors were unable to attach her top lip after the dog tossed it aside, and she said previously it was 'crazy' how life can 'change so dramatically in a split second'.

Brooklinn attempted to hide her injury under tape for a year before she began a series of surgeries, seven of which have taken place in the last year.

The first surgery saw the doctor take skin from her arm and attach it in place of her upper lip. They were able to funnel the main artery under her skin so she could feel her lip, and following procedures have built on the progress to move the skin into Brooklinn's smile line and remove fat from the area.

Last week, Brooklinn underwent a procedure in which the doctor 'recreated the central columns, the lip and the cupids bow'.

"I'm very swollen right now, but once the swelling goes down it will look amazing," she wrote on Instagram.

Brooklinn has undergone a number of procedures to restore her lip.

The model has shared a number of updates since, with one post showing her lip after the sutures were taken out and her most recent post revealing that her lip was 'healing'.

"Still very swollen, but the sutures are out and the lip is healing good!," Brooklinn wrote. "I feel like I am still in shock. I can’t believe I have the cupid bow and the lip line! So crazy."

Social media users who have been following Brooklinn's story have celebrated her most recent update, with one commending modern medicine and telling the model: "Your lip is looking amazing!"

Another commented: "Every update gets me more and more mindblown. Fantastic work from the doctor, just wow."

With her final surgery hopefully now behind her, Brooklinn has previously mentioned getting a tattoo which will help complete the look of her new lip.

The model has been praised for sharing her story with followers.

The dog which attacked Brooklinn, an eight-year-old pit bull, was said to have been completely unprovoked when he launched his attack.

"I was petting his head, seconds later he sprung up from the ground, hanging on my upper lip," Brooklinn recalled previously.

"He started shaking my head, pulling back and forth, shaking it again for a solid 45 seconds.

"I finally was able to get him off me and I didn't realise at first but my whole upper lip was gone. I stood up and I got a big breath of fresh air and tasted a lot of blood, it was everywhere.

"A couple of minutes go by and I realise what flung and hit the wall was my upper lip."

Brooklinn's followers have praised her for coming 'such a long way' since the accident.

Featured Image Credit: @brookhoury/Instagram

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