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Young girl has amazing X-rated response to Christmas pantomime question

Young girl has amazing X-rated response to Christmas pantomime question

This mum got more than she bargained for when she agreed to get involved in the panto.

A Christmas pantomime is an age-old pastime for a lot of families around the festive season and armies of Brits drag their broods to local productions to get in the merry mood.

The beauty of this kind of entertainment is that it's fun for both the adults and the kiddies - and although there might be a few cheeky double entendres slipped in that only the parents will get, the content is kept age-appropriate.

But sometimes, it's not the cast who need to be reminded about not using bad language... it's the kids in the audience, like the cheeky tot in the vid below:

Loads of families had crammed into The Grove Theatre in Eastbourne to watch a Christmas pantomime, which as you may recall, often involves a lot of interaction with the crowd.

As well as yelling 'He's behind you!' or 'Oh no it isn't!', this bunch got the opportunity to get on stage and get the third degree from an elf in front of everyone.

One mum stepped up to the plate - much to the delight of her daughter - to join in the question and answer session with Santa's little helper.

She seemed pretty keen to stay on the nice list when she was asked if she had 'ever told a lie', as she skirted around the query and made it clear she has only bent the truth a little bit with 'white lies'.

Although she was keen to set a good example for the kids watching on, her daughter wasn't down for any dishonesty and quipped from the audience: "My mum has!"

The woman's daughter chimed in on the act from the audience.

The elf continued his line of questioning, saying: "Have you ever used any bad words like 'bah' or 'humbug'?"

Like we said, that's as far as profanities go in the pantomime world - usually.

While the mum pondered her answer, her child again took it upon herself to respond on her parent's behalf with brutal honesty and shouted out: "She's used for f**k's sake!"

The theatre erupted in laughter as the elf dramatically gasped in shock, while the poor mum looked absolutely mortified.

Both of them were left speechless by the admission and the character clearly struggled to decide where to navigate the conversation from there, before he decided to try to cover up the cussing.

He told the mum: "Don't worry, we've all been there it's OK. She said frog, okay, she said frog!

The mum and the elf were both mortified and amused.

"Do I dare ask you the last question? This one is multiple choice."

The elf then jokingly added: "We don't need any answers from the audience!"

Footage of the hilarious foul-mouthed response was shared on TikTok by @pafotography and it quickly went viral, racking up more than one million views.

Social media users thought it was absolutely comical and were left in stitches by the kid's confidence.

One wrote: "Best thing I've watched for a long time!"

Another said: "Perfect timing from the kid, well played."

A third added: "You can't teach that comedic timing."

A fourth laughed: "Honestly, no video has summed up working with kids at Christmas more."

And a fifth chimed in: "I would be silently so proud."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/pafotography

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