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Cleaner explains exactly which cubicles in public bathrooms are the most hygienic

Cleaner explains exactly which cubicles in public bathrooms are the most hygienic

She's got several top tips that you might find helpful

A woman who used to work as a cleaner has revealed the trick to finding the cleanest public bathroom, should you need to visit one. Finally someone is answering the big questions.

Jennifer Cullison, 26, worked as a janitor for two years and picked up some tips along the way.

And now, Jennifer, who is studying for a PhD in human behaviour, has decided to impart her wisdom with the rest of us so we can make the right choice next time we’re faced with a row of toilet cubicles.

Heroic, if you ask me.

Would you know which one was the cleanest?
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Jennifer said: “I'm going to tell you which stalls in a bathroom are used the least and therefore are the cleanest.

“My qualifications are, I was a janitor for two years where we did hourly bathroom checks and replaced toilet paper which means I know which ones were used the most.

“And I’m an anthropology PhD student so I study human behaviour.” Good to know we’re in safe hands here, eh?

Jennifer continues: “So the biggest thing is to go to the stall farthest from the door to the bathroom, because people usually go into the first couple of stalls and they don’t go farther in.

“And so the ones in the back - especially in big bathrooms - never get used.” Good to know.

If the bathroom happens to have a bank of bogs on either side of the room, then Jennifer has an additional tip.

“Also, if there’s stalls on either side, you’re going to want to go the left because most people go right,” she said.

“I think that might have to do with, like, a left-right-handed thing. So go left.”

Jennifer’s final piece of advice is to avoid disabled toilets, if that’s possible for you, of course.

She goes on to say that disabled toilets aren’t usually used by adults who don’t need them but that ‘kids love novelty’ and will go ‘right in’ and ‘kids are gross’, according to Jennifer.

You can have peace of mind next time you visit a public bathroom.
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Fellow TikTok users were quick to praise Jennifer for sharing her bathroom intel, with one person writing: “Ty [thank you] so much for this information I think about this literally every time in a public restroom and I always pick the second farthest one in the back

Another said: “I’ve been wanting to know this forever THANK YOU.”

While a third wrote: “I swear on my life. I have always thought about doing a study on which stalls are used the least. From the bottom of my heart ty [thank you].”

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